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Domestic Violence/Accused of abuse--a trend against US men


whyme wrote at 2012-12-04 15:14:40
Yes I have been falsely accused, kids coherced not to communicate with me, unable to claim or go to my property. Based on one lie and to top it off the police report and the magistrate report to the judge are two totally different statement. What was used was false claims, no proof. oh I had guns which was approved by ATF in the house, but never drawn or threaten anyone. But her claim was I threaten the stepfather and neighbor which blew my mind completely. no previous criminal history beside traffic violation minor.

Domestic Violence

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Relationship, self-love, domestic violence, personal and spiritual growth, self-examination to define the reasons we have pulled unhealthy people into our lives and how to end this destructive practice.


Author of, "Whose Face is in the Mirror?" One woman's journey through the nightmare of domestic violence to true healing. Website for battered women and non-profit organization that assists victims of abuse.

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