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Donating Blood/Blood donation and weight loss. Is blood checked for AIDS?


AlmightyMe wrote at 2007-05-28 21:40:41
Hi. The previous answer is incorrect in a few things. Blood donation does contribute to weight loss. Your heart does not replentish your blood supply, it comes from your bone marrow. Think of this at a more basic level. It costs energy to create blood cells in your marrow. Losing blood causes your marrow to produce more blood cells. Therefore you will have expended energy as a result of the blood donation and thus burning calories. And no, this new blood is no more healthy for your body than your old blood. Additionally, it is not "healthy" to donate blood as it creates extra stress on your body to compensate for the loss of blood. However, it is not harmful in the long run to donate ever so often.

Medical Student wrote at 2008-07-22 05:32:01
The previous answer is false. Donating blood will help contribute to weight loss. It takes about 3500 calories to replace the blood that is lost during a donation (thats about a pound of fat). Your body normally "refreshes" it's blood supply, because blood cells dont last as long as other cells in your body. It takes about a month for your body to completely replace all your red blood cells with new ones. It isn't a fast track to weight loss, but it does help. Plus, you will be helping to save a life in the process!

Just so you know, your heart does NOT make new blood and donating blood will NOT exercise your heart. New blood cells come from your bone marrow in your bones.

Dr. Maraccus wrote at 2008-11-21 03:38:49
Ummmm... you say that the heart will replenish the lost blood, this is horrible the answer is already wrong, the hear has nothing to do with a new blood supply. The blood is produced in the bone marrow. Don't try to misinform people according to your thoughts on the subject.

Google_it wrote at 2009-06-27 20:20:45
Donating blood constitutes as significant blood loss to the body because of this loss the body reacts by converting some yellow marrow into red marrow to produce RBCs, WBCs, and platelets (hematopoiesis). The energy required to replenish the body with new blood after donating is roughly equivalent to 600-650 calories for a whole blood donation. Donating blood, however, does not result in significant fat loss.

Rhesus wrote at 2010-03-06 20:01:42
Actually, the blood cells are created in the bone marrow over a couple of weeks maximum. The ŻL of fluid is however almost instantly (same day) replenished by the kidneys concentrating the urine more and keeping an extra ŻL of fluid in the system.

jsamuels wrote at 2010-09-13 12:11:01
The above answer is partially incorrect. Blood is made in your bone marrow, not in your heart. Donating blood will cost some energy, but an inconsequential amount, you are better off eating better and doing more exercise.

Justin wrote at 2014-11-06 02:21:33
Donating blood burns roughly 650 calories, but you usually eat or drink this much after donating in order to replenish your nutrients. Also, your home marrow generates your blood, not your heart. Think of your heart more of as a very strong muscle. t pumps throughout your life, bit it never generates the fluid. Another analogy would be to think of a pump. As for checking for disease, the above answer is correct.

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