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Donating Blood/fainting during/after blood donation


Tim C wrote at 2006-06-23 18:35:00
I have donated blood many times but yesterday was the first time I fainted. It was scary because I had never fainted in my life and I am in excellent health.  After going home and talking to my wife, we came to the conclusion that I should have eaten a more substantial, iron-rich meal before donating.  I donated blood around 1pm and all I had to eat before that was a small breakfast around 7:30am and a snack and yogurt around 10am.  I should have eaten a healthy meal before donating and this probably would not have happened.  I won't stop donating blood but I'll be a lot wiser next time.

AdamRichardson wrote at 2007-05-01 21:06:49
hey, I just gave blood this afternoon.

People may well faint during donations as part of a shock or 'squeemish' style reaction, generally a psychological impulse that triggers nervous system activity.

NHS Guidelines say you should feel fine, as do many people I know who donate, that never notice any sorts of unusual reactions or sensations, or even the slighest fatigue.

I found myself short of breath, and couldn't actually catch the deepest breath, which supports the explanation above about CO2, however I'd of imagined the amount of blood taken would in an overwhelming majority of people be less than enough to cause any degree of distressing effects to the individual.

I had also experienced palpatations while on the bed being bled from, but I still believe much of people's reactions such as this could well originate more from the pain induced stress, or psychological nervousness of the donation process.

Kelly wrote at 2008-07-21 04:57:33
Oh, yeah, I just donated two days ago and passed out like it was going out of style. I felt completely fine while getting my blood drawn, but I proceeded to rush off of the Blood Bus and into a nearby ice creamery, where I felt sick and light-headed. I chalked it up to nausea, but when I stood up my vision got really dark, just like when you stand up too fast on a normal day. My vision didn't get better though, it all just got dark.

Next thing you know, I'm lying on the ground with some volunteers and my mom around me and some old lady leaving the bathroom is giving me a weird look! It really is all about not enough oxygen getting to your brain for that little while.

Bebe wrote at 2008-09-13 13:36:01
I recently donated blood on 9/11/08 and I had a similar reaction.  Each time I donate blood, up until they remove the needle, I'm fine.  Then comes sweating, losing consciousness and getting extremely hot.  The first time this happened to me I felt there was something wrong with me but I'm in very good health.  It's really nothing to be concerned about.  Instead, just advise the nurses of your reaction so that they keep an eye on you.  They will likely have ice packs ready for you when you have the side effects.  Remember that you are losing a pint of blood so it is understandable that some people have the reaction that not enough blood is reaching the head (thus explaining why they feel faint).  The icepacks help but you will also find that the nurses will ask you to put your head between your legs or ask you to lie down with your legs elevated, so that your blood circulates back to your head to resolve the issue.  Just don't worry... there's nothing wrong with your blood pressure, sugar level etc.  It's just a reaction to losing some blood.

Kaylaartist wrote at 2009-07-12 21:36:24
I just gave blood yesterday, and I knew to eat a healthy breakfast, and drank a good 16oz of water beforehand.  However, breakfast was a 9am, and it was a long wait to donate (by 2pm), so I suppose that was why I nearly fainted, since I was OK all during the donation.

Scarletrose44 wrote at 2009-08-22 07:44:00
I donated blood yesterday.. I'm a 'by the book' kind of girl, and have donated before so I made sure I ate iron rich foods the day before donating, ate a healthy and large breakfast, had a heavy lunch and drank 2 litre's of water before donating. Everything went as normal during and straight after giving blood. I forced down some more water straight after giving blood, as well as a packet of chips, a mars bar and a crispy cream donut.. I then went grocery shopping and was careful not to lift anything heavy. I had a event to go to that evening so I went home, got ready and went out. The nurse had told me I could drink alcohol if I drank plenty of water, but I decided against it. I drank more water at the event.. But it was a hot evening, and we were standing for a long period of time in an outdoor bar waiting for our friends to go to dinner. It had been 4.5 hours since I had last had anything to eat and I began to feel hungry and then dizzy. I told my partner that I thought I was about to pass out.. and did. Apparently I fell limp into his arms and he proceeded to lay me on the floor. I woke up within 30 secs of losing consciousness and just wanted to get out of there. I was still groggy and could barely walk but I was too embarrassed to care. Once they sat me down in a quite room off to the side I felt better within seconds and drank down 2 sprites for good measure. I recovered very quickly and we proceeded to go to dinner at a nearby restaurant as planned. After entree I decided it was best that I go home and lay down. In hindsight (and after a trusty google search), I obviously should have eaten a snack before I went out, not stood for such a long period of time (since it causes blood to pool in your legs as it does to soldiers who pass out from lack of oxygen to the brain when standing at attention), and drank something sweet as well as all that water. I'm a little annoyed the nurses didn't tell me those things but will know for next time.. That's if there is a next time.. I've been kind of put off by the incidence. Anyway, just wanted to share my experience so others may get something out of it.


S :)

Candy wrote at 2009-09-10 17:33:33
I have the same problem when I donate blood and it happened again just this week.  I don't mind needles or the sight of blood in the slightest but I still get dizzy, clammy and nauseous a few minutes into the blood collection.  

Most recent experience yielded a reaction that was more severe than usual.  Luckily, the nurses handled it well.  They had me bend my knees and they held a paper bag over my mouth and told me to breathe deeply into it.  All the while, they were covering my face with cool, wet cloths and repeating the process as the cloths warmed.  After about 10 minutes, the feeling passed, for the most part, so they had me sit up slowly and drink a bottle of water before trying to stand.  

With their help, I avoided passing out but one of the nurses at the center advised me not to donate blood again.  She explained that my adverse reaction wasn't very common and that my body was trying to tell me something. I spoke to my doctor and he agreed, considering it has now been four days and I still haven't bounced back completely.

Good luck to you and high five for donating!

Stef wrote at 2010-03-16 21:59:35
So, I have also donated blood many times and never had a problem, even though I greatly dislike needles. Today was no different; I was perfectly fine for an hour or so afterward, then I started feeling nauseous, got sweaty/pale, etc. I excused myself from class (college student) then ended up passing out for about a minute in the hallway. It was another minute or two before I could stand up again (nobody batted an eye when I went back to class!). I thought I ate/drank enough after donating but then I drank a coffee - foolish mistake!  

maya wrote at 2010-06-25 17:44:27
I've had bad experienced giving blood, chalky white, dizzy, sweating, etc. with each episode getting worse until last time when I fainted and had to stay a few hours until I felt better.  No explanation, I'm in great health.  I decided unless its for a relative/friend I won't donate, however; I had to have blood drawn today and had the same reaction. Wasn't nervous, never looked at the procedure, just started feeling queasy and then knew I was going to need to lie down.  As I was walking a few doors down to a room with a cot, I fainted and came to on a strecher.  After drinking orange juice, lieing down, and having some cold packs put on my neck and chest, I felt better.  As my reactions get worse with each experience, I'm feeling more apprehensive as I go in relaxed and feeling well.

Kat wrote at 2010-10-26 23:05:26
I gave blood for the first time today. Needles and blood don't bother me at all, and the whole donation process was a breeze! After I donated I sat at the center and ate some crackers and orange juice and I was feeling great. About an hour later (in one of my college classes) I felt very clammy. I left to go to the bathroom but passed out in the hallway. Luckily, no one saw me (that could have been embarassing!) and I actually felt much better after I passed out. I'm not sure if I will donate again after fainting this time, but we'll see!

Rajat wrote at 2010-11-17 04:32:02
It has happened to me as well- of the 6-7 times i have donated blood, at least twice i almost fainted and broke into a cold sweat. Once it didnt happen immidiately, but rather after a 5-10 minute delay- i was out in the cafeteria for some juice, and started feeling dizzy + sweaty!

But in my case, i guess it was more due to lack of sleep and skipping a meal prior to donation. I also have the bad habit of not drinking plenty of water in a day, and my blood therefore is a bit thick. Under such conditions, loss of even a small quantity of blood can make your heart take a while to adjust to the reduced blood volumes. Also, lack of sleep/fatigue + low sugar levels due to skipping a meal add to the problem.

I've found it most effective to sleep well, drink a lot of fluids and eat well before donating blood- it does prevent dizziness.

And also, even if one is squeamish about blood, as long as one doesnt focus on the needles/blood being drawn, it never is a problem. I had heamophobia as a kid, and it only grew stronger with time. I remember having fainted when someone pricked me for a blood test!

That's when i decided to start donating blood- to start facing my fears. I found talking to the attendent/nurse/on phone, listening to songs/any distraction very effective in taking attention away from the donation process; and within an year or so the phobia was gone. I still get dizzy at times, but that's only when i'm not feeling well or am low on sugar.

My advice would be the good old thing: sleep well, eat well, drink a lot of fluids, remember to lie down for at least 5 minutes by the watch after donating blood, and get up a bit slowly afterwards. All this will definitely keep one from fainting.

BB wrote at 2010-11-18 05:21:30
its referred to as Vago Vagel, a medical condition that its a stimulation of the vagel nerve. I have this condition and recommend trying the withdraw from another location, such as your upper arm. Another recommendation is telling the nurse ahead of time so she won't have such a reaction when waking you up, which is scary when coming to.  

Greg wrote at 2011-01-19 01:02:47
I've been giving blood for about 6 years.  I recently got my 3 gallon pin, in fact!  It's really important to me that my blood be there for someone who needs it.  I've always done an R2 donation.  Most times I've donated I've felt slightly winded for up to three or four days afterward.  The last time I donated, however, I had a very bad reaction.  I felt OK after the donation, just a little winded.  The next day I went hiking and during a strenuous uphill section I passed out!  I made my way back down safely after I recovered.  But for the next week and a half I felt slightly weak and faint.  One week after I donated I tried the same hike, thinking I would be OK.  I got to the same strenuous part and felt faint, though I didn't pass out.  I ate lots of red meat and leafy greens through this period to help replenish my red blood cells.  I don't know if I will donate again.  I called the blood bank after I passed out and they suggested the red meat and leafy greens and said I should only do an R1 donation from now on.

MyHeadHurts wrote at 2011-02-13 21:53:04
I usually have too low iron levels to give blood. Have tried 4 times, and this was my second time I was able. So gave it, was fine. Next day I had a football match, played it all fine, came back home, was lying on my bed, decided to get up to get some food. I stood up, and my vision just went darker and darker. Next thing I know I wake up ringing in my head. I had fallen and hit my head on some metal dumbells on the way down, I have a massive cut on my face and I'm now concused. It is now a few days later, didn't want to see any medical people because they might make me stay home, which means I wont be able to go to school, or play football. Played another match yesterday, and was fine after, apart from being concused... And still a little light headed when I stand up...

WaDonor wrote at 2011-12-18 03:48:37
The term is Vasovagal response.  

I gave blood today (first time)and I have no problem with needles. I was somewhat woozy immediately after and that has continued off and on for 10 hours now.

I also have felt short of breath.

Kelly P wrote at 2012-02-19 03:16:39
I just donated today for the first time. It went great, until I went to eat some snacks in the lobby. I got the worst nauseous pain ever and lightheaded, so my fiance told me to tell the receptionist. I went and told her I was about to throw up and next thing I know, nurses are standing around me, asking if I know where I am. I guess I fell gracefully to the floor, and didn't hit my head. I was only unconscious for like 20 secs. I was wheeled back to the beds and rested, drank two bottles of juice and ate some snacks. My color started coming back, and I left 20 mins later. I feel good now. I know I did not eat enough for breakfast, so next time I will be prepared!!

Rose wrote at 2012-05-23 22:03:14
I donated blood for the first time. I ate some pasta about 2 hours before and drank 14 oz of water. Everything went fine up until the nurse removed the needle.  Then I felt very hot, dizzy and nauseous.  The nurse gave me some grape juice to drink, but barely finished when I started throwing up, then a few minutes had to go to the restroom because I had diarrhea.  My niece had a virus a couple of days before and I think maybe the result was because I caught the virus and not from donating blood.  What is your opinion?  Donating blood is so important and I don't want to be fearful of donating again.

Sarah wrote at 2012-05-26 23:41:39
Rose- The very same thing happened to me! There was a stomach virus going around. My mom had just had it 3-4 day prior. I went to donate blood and I had a new nurse. First of all, the tourniquet was on WAY too tight... So tight that my hand turned purple and numb and I finally made her stop. When the blood was all taken, and I was done- I felt light- headed. My stomach started turning (like a diarrhea sensation) so I made my way into the restroom. Nothing came out,  but I felt extremely nauseous. When I reached for the door, I was so light-headed and dizzy that I knew I was going to faint. I grabbed the wall and made my way down to the floor. Everything went black. I left the restroom and sat in the snack area where my daughter was waiting for me. I asked her to go get me help because I was too weak to yell loud enough for any of the staff to hear. They gave me ice packs and had me stretch out onto 2 chairs. I guess I was trying to pass out again, because all I really remember was them hitting my legs and yelling for me to keep my eyes open. After about 25 minutes of recovering, I went home and slept for about 4 hours. I woke up with horrible diarrhea all the rest of the day and night. I knew I needed to eat so I ate an orange. About an hour later, I threw it up. My boyfriend brought me gatorade. I drank it, and also threw it up. That was yesterday. I'm still very weak and short of breath today. Little things like getting out of bed cause me to have shortness of breath. I am also wondering if it was a coincidence that I fainted and caught the stomach bug all at the same time? Or if the blood donation itself was the cause of it all.

My boyfriend thinks it is also because I am small, weighing only 115 pounds. I don't agree, because I have donated 5 times total and this was the very first time anything like this has happened to me.  

Periwinke wrote at 2012-05-28 19:52:54
I have given blood before, and have fainted once because of it. But today, three days after my donation I fainted. Has anyone else fainted so long after giving blood. I have no conditions. I've only ever fainted once before and it was because I  had given blood. Is it abnormal to faint 3 days after donating?

Bargas wrote at 2012-07-19 04:30:05
I don't know about three days later... but I'm having a hard time catching my breath and my pulse is really weak 14 hrs later.  I couldn't sleep, so I'm up looking at.. well, this forum.  

I've donated before with no problems, but today I almost passed out half-way through.  After that, it was just a comedy... the fans they usually turn on were 'missing' so the nurses had to fan me while I dumped sweat, the chair I was in was broken so they couldn't elevate my legs- it felt like someone had me in a sleeper hold.  I'm 6'1" 225, surrounded by ladies weighing about 110 giving blood and I was the only one about to fall out.  Such a stud.  I've decided that I will donate after lunch in the future.

Kat wrote at 2012-09-02 02:23:18
I donated blood yesterday for the first time. I had a really high iron level (especially for a girl!) and I passed the little physical examination and questionnaire thing easily.

When they got the needle in my arm, I started to feel uncomfortable, but that quickly went away. The nurse stood by and watched, asking me several time how I felt, if it hurt, if I needed anything - but I felt fine, so I said no.

When the drawing process was finished and they removed the needle, I immediately felt dizzy, nauseous, and feverish. I remained that way for a good 5-7 minutes (they got me an ice-pack and everything - cool cloths, breathing bag, told me to cough deep and hard). I started to loose my hearing, and my vision was blacking around the edges, but they revived me, if you will, somehow.

After I got bandaged up, the nurse walked me off the bloodmobile and to the canteen bus where I got cookies and Gatorade. He told me that he had expected me to have a reaction like that, but didn't explain why, besides hinting at having a larger breakfast next time!

I definitely want to donate again, but I am confused and worried. I don't know exactly what to do to make it better!

servo wrote at 2013-01-12 17:54:37
great Scott its happen to everyone .i thought i am the first case. ..i donate only platelet, at that time it was fine and i could feel the blood flow in and out ...after the process i had juice and lot of water ...all fine i had a short walk i felt difference ..i knew its going to happen .so, i sat on chair. slowly every thing started to turn black and i puked ..then i started to recover slowly i went to restroom and stood there for a while .. i was getting better. i sat for a while and went and had a nap for 3 hrs ..and felt normal dont  worry donate blood.

Sree wrote at 2013-03-21 21:08:56
I was so embarrassed that I told them I am fine and next moment I passed out on the way using bathroom. I told them I have to go so they took me to the bathroom and I was there for a while and used all my energy to get up and start walking nurse stopped me as my body was too cold and my face color was red and blue.They made me to sleep and put my feet higher on the top. I felt better after 10 min. I felt it was because I got nervous and my heart beat fastened up as that was my first time  

Azy wrote at 2013-04-30 23:53:13
I donated blood today at my college. Just one bag full.

I felt just fine during the blood drawing thinking that this was no problem and easy. Afterwards I went to sit in the snack area and the student volunteers there were ignorant (and also too chatty) as they were letting people leave if they didn't want to stay for 15 minutes. I'm GLAD I chose to stay for awhile even though I felt like leaving because after 5 minutes of munching on snacks I went from perfectly fine, to feeling nauseous in about one second. I actually wanted to go, thinking that maybe I needed water and to get myself away from the situation. As I stood up a nurse was asking me if I was okay and I told her "I don't know." and then someone grabbed me from behind, my vision went fuzzy and I don't even remember closing my eyes, I was just out.

I had this crazy dream. It felt like I was living in another reality. I can't remember details but that's what it felt like. I then came back to consciousness with a nurse calling my name and me lying down on a recliner. I felt a lot better after I came to actually. A man gave me cranberry juice and put a cold cloth on my head. He asked me if I had anything to eat that day and I said no. (that was probably why I passed out.)

They let me go right afterwards (which I think is kinda dumb, they should have people stay another 10 minutes to make sure they are okay.)

It was my first time fainting....very interesting, but I can't say that I want it to happen again.

Nicholas Tragis wrote at 2013-10-22 20:56:37
So today I decided to give blood at my school. I felt fine and then half way through I passed out. Not only that but I pissed my pants to. I'm a 17 year old football player and I am embarrassed out of my mind. Why me.

Nicholas Tragis wrote at 2013-10-22 20:56:42
So today I decided to give blood at my school. I felt fine and then half way through I passed out. Not only that but I pissed my pants to. I'm a 17 year old football player and I am embarrassed out of my mind. Why me.

daisy mae wrote at 2013-12-25 19:48:50
I have given blood MANY times, but yesterday was my first experience passing out....I attribute it to neglecting to eat a hearty breakfast (which I never do) as I am a light eater, but the nurse advised me not to give blood again, so I think I will take her advice as it wasn't very fun to pass out...I felt horrible.  

notabletodonate wrote at 2013-12-29 01:01:26
I gave blood this morning. I had a good breakfast of eggs and toast with two glasses of water. I was not squeemish, nervous or anxious. It went perfectly. After ten minutes I had eaten cookies and juice. I passed out and they moved me to the floor. My pulse was 55 and blood pressure was too low for the machine to register. It was not a squeemish thing, not something I could change.

NKCage wrote at 2014-03-29 03:16:44
Today I donated blood for the first time. I was fine until the very end after I was already bandaged up and about to get up to leave. All the sudden I felt really warm. A second later my shirt was totally soaked from perspiration and then I started to feel a little nauseous. The nurse put a couple of ice packs on me. I started to feel better almost as soon as felt the cool ice. I am glad my negative reaction occurred while I was still sitting down.

Still, it is a little disconcerting.  I didn't even know it was possible to go from being perfectly comfortable to sweating like Dom Deluise in Sauna within only a few seconds.  

Manjula wrote at 2014-04-18 07:02:22
I also gave blood today, my 4th time. Everything went fine, I had a packet of honey roasted peanuts & bottle of water afterwards. Went back to the office & had some cashew nuts & lunch. While eating lunch felt dizzy, and went over to a co-worker & told her that I'm feeling dizzy, next thing I know I was on the floor with everyone watching me. Paramedics came & shipped me over to ER. I was a given a IV, and everything checked out normal. I guess I should have eaten some sugary snack instead of nuts.

krish wrote at 2014-05-21 02:13:49
I donated blood yesterday, everything went well before donation, they tested my blood group,blood pressure and parameters, and it was like a normal checkup.

During donation process filled the 350ml pack in time.

after that I had rest for 5 minutes on same bed and they gave me cookies and juice as I went out to rest room.

All seats there were taken so I sat on armrest of the couch near my friends, we were chating and enjoying our treats.

And then I felt little dizzy/sleepy , they came a total black out.

Next thing I remember was " I was on the floor with still cookies sticking in my mouth and paramedics hovering over me,but for a instane I wasn't sure were am i ? I had pain in my forehead, as I had pain tested hardness of both the floor marble and the table,as friends told me afterwards."

hospital staff again asked me to lay on bed and have some more juices and cheered me up with information about my blood iron content and other big guys who fainted in crazy style.

and after half n hour I was good as earlier.

had pleanty of fruits and water with normal diet after that.

And sleep last night was awesome, I haven't experienced till date.  

krish wrote at 2014-05-21 02:13:57
I donated blood yesterday, everything went well before donation, they tested my blood group,blood pressure and parameters, and it was like a normal checkup.

During donation process filled the 350ml pack in time.

after that I had rest for 5 minutes on same bed and they gave me cookies and juice as I went out to rest room.

All seats there were taken so I sat on armrest of the couch near my friends, we were chating and enjoying our treats.

And then I felt little dizzy/sleepy , they came a total black out.

Next thing I remember was " I was on the floor with still cookies sticking in my mouth and paramedics hovering over me,but for a instane I wasn't sure were am i ? I had pain in my forehead, as I had pain tested hardness of both the floor marble and the table,as friends told me afterwards."

hospital staff again asked me to lay on bed and have some more juices and cheered me up with information about my blood iron content and other big guys who fainted in crazy style.

and after half n hour I was good as earlier.

had pleanty of fruits and water with normal diet after that.

And sleep last night was awesome, I haven't experienced till date.  

Kayla wrote at 2014-10-31 00:09:48
I gave blood today at school at 11:00 but didn't get done until 1:00. I felt fine throughout the process and was able to walk to class normally. However, about an hour later, I felt very lightheaded and dizzy. I told my teacher I thought I was going to pass out, and he told me to just sit down and breath. So I did for about two minutes until I hit the floor. I passed out and woke up about 5 minutes later with people fanning me. That was the most terrifying experience of my life. I always thought people lied when they said they passed out from giving blood, but now I believe them. It's been about 3 hours since I passed out and I'm still lightheaded. I think I should've eaten more before and after the donation. Next time I'll ne sure to do that.

Cow wrote at 2015-08-08 15:45:23
Donated blood for only the second time today. The first time I donated (sometime a few months ago) went perfectly. Donated, ate some snacks, got on the blood bus, and went home. But this time sucked.

I didn't get a very good sleep and didn't eat a hearty breakfast this morning by any means, both of which I know probably had the biggest influence on my reaction this time around. I felt tired during and after they took the blood, but just put it down to my lack of sleep the night before. So when I was told I could stand, I waltzed over to the snack area and had two bags of cookies and an orange juice and then decided I was fine and left.

Felt nothing but a little tired as we drove to Tim Horton's, where the drive through line up was too long so we went in.

When we were standing in line inside I immediately felt fuzzy and light headed, so I sat down. Then I started feeling fuzzy. I couldn't concentrate or eat and I was sweating like a cow. The manager brought over some ice water, some ice for the back of my neck, and some cool cloths for my forehead. It took awhile but eventually the feeling passed.

What bothers me is people who say they don't plan on donating again because their experience was not fun. Well of course it wasn't fun! But unless my life depends on it, I absolutely plan on donating again because the way I see it, the people who need our blood go through 10x worse than we did. Yeah, it sucks but it's absolutely worth it.

Nolan wrote at 2015-11-13 20:38:00
The same thing has occurred to me twice after donating whole blood. I do not in the least mind the sight of blood or needles, I actually get excited knowing I'm about to donate blood to possibly save someone's life. As the blood donation is finished, I feel completely normal. Nothing out of the usual. As soon as I walk over to the waiting area and sit down like your supposed to do, I felt a slight nausea sensation coming on and thought nothing of it. Well literally a minute after that, I was completely drenched in sweat and and felt cold all over my body. When I say I was sweating, I'm talking about sweat literally dripping down my forehead and nose. About 5 minutes later I started to get tunnel vision and felt like I was going to throw up. As I attempted to stand up to walk over to the trashcan, all I could remember was the feeling of myself falling and that was it. I woke up about 15 seconds afterward with nurses all around me propping my feet up and placing cold presses on me. Even though it wasn't fun, I felt so much better after I had fainted. Kind of like when you feel sick and you feel better after throwing up. Again this has happened to me twice and don't plan on donating anymore of it keeps on happening.

Wendy wrote at 2016-07-09 23:10:36
I have been donating blood for several years and have never had a bad episode,,,, until today. I woke up early and worked out since I knew I wouldn't be able to for 24hrs afterwards. I did a 30minute HIIT session, which I usually do 1hr.  I had a banana and a pack of BelVita crackers and some water on the way to donate. I'm a nurse so I'm not squeamish to blood or needles. I handled the donation part fine, I sat in the designated waitin area for 15minutes, I had some water and a small bag of Doritos (chips and cookies were all that was available) and felt fine. Once I was cleared to leave, I stood up and walked to my car and half way there ( which was less than 100 yards away) I suddenly felt short of breath, weak and started to get a bad headache. I made it to my car just in time to catch myself against it. I realized I was not in any condition to drive and it was too hot outside to just sit in my car, so I gathered as much e energy as I could and I walked back to the donation trailer area. I asked a helper if I could sit as I ran out of breath and fell into the chair. Every time I lifted my head up, it felt like all the blood was draining out. I was nauseous, in a cold sweat and still having shallow breathing. The nurses came over and laid me on the floor and put my feet up on the chair. It was a struggle for me to keep my eyes open and speak. The nurses placed cold, wet compresses on my forehead, abdomen and the back of my head. I laid there for about 5minutes. They then got me up and walked me back into the trailer and laid me in a donation chair with my feet up and gave me OJ.  I was there for almost 2hrs and I still do not feel well. My boyfriend picked me up and made me eat and drink water but I still feel like I might pass out when I stand up and it had been almost 6hrs since my donation. I'm hoping it will go away soon.  

tootsie wrote at 2016-07-23 22:12:08
OMG, I am so glad I found this site....I thought it was just me.  I am a "every 56 day" donor, so I have given blood MANY MANY times.  I have never once had a single issue.  Until today, that is.  I went and worked out at the gym (which I always do and have never had a problem) and when I got to my truck I had more water and a Belvita bar.  Before working out I had milk, water, another Belvita bar and a banana.  So then after working out I went straight to the blood center.  I was in and out in less than 30 minutes and I felt perfectly fine.  I drank another bottle of water and ate some fried chicken.  I then took a shower, felt great, and decided to go get a pedicure.  By now about three hours have elapsed since my donation.  So while I am sitting in the chair with my feet in the water, ALL OF A SUDDEN my vision goes dark, and the voices around me sound really far away.  I also felt very nauseated and began sweating profusely.  It wasn't like I could just get up and go...the girl had already started working on my feet!  So I just sat there, closed my eyes and prayed.  Oh, and I did ask for some water.  Well I guess when she looked up at me she saw how bad I looked and got me the water and also some tissues to blot my face and neck.  Then somebody got the manager and they gave me a little fan, which helped tremendously.  Anyway, I felt so embarrassed and didn't want to cause any attention to myself, and thankfully I felt much better.  She finished the pedicure and I got out of there and went straight home.  I just wonder what caused this episode when I have never had a problem before?

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