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Stephen wrote at 2009-01-16 04:28:53

Perhaps I can be of some help folks. The Doors did play the Hampton Beach Casino around Memorial day weekend 1967. I was fortunate enough to be one of about 2 or 3 hundred patrons that evening to catch them. They were pretty much unknown on the East coast in May. But, by the Fourth of July  "Light My Fire" was #1 and being played everywhere. I saw The Doors many times after that, including the Boston Arena in 1970. But I will always remember the Hampton Beach Casino as the most awe inspiring....Stephen

Scott MacNeil wrote at 2009-03-09 20:30:59
   The doors played the Commodore Ballroom in Lowell Mass on Tuesday August 15th, 1967. The other band there was Little John & The Sherwoods.

    A few days later, the doors played The Hampton Beach Casino in NH. One opening band was The Spectras, and they are still together.  

    While in Lowell, Jim Morrison did attempt to meet Jack Kerouac, but was not successful.

    More of this info in Lowell can be found about the Commodore and The doors, on Tuesdays only, at the Mogan Center in Lowell Ma.

Scott MacNeil wrote at 2009-03-12 00:32:55
I am researching these concerts for a book called

The doors On The Road, I am a contributor and live in Billerica.

A few days later the doors played the Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom. It was Saturday, August 19, 1967. The Spectras were an opening band for them. It was a stormy night and the Casino was damaged from it. I asked Jay Leno, and he confirmed he was in attendance as a Sr in high school.

I hope people will come forward and fill in more blanks I have in this info.

Also, many say the doors played The Frolics at Salisbury Beach, but I have been unable to find one person to confirm this and interview, I suspect it was during the same tour.

Andy Demers wrote at 2009-07-14 21:34:37
I remember seeing Jim Morrison and the Door at the commodore ballroom in Lowell,MA it was in 1967. It was the weirdest show with the flashing lights.  Morrison looked like a bird flying away with the lights flashing.  It was something.

Andy wrote at 2010-03-22 01:30:51
well I was there when the "doors" played in Lowell.  they played at hampton beach the following weekend.  I believe it was in 1967

Andy Demers wrote at 2010-06-23 23:35:10
It was 1967 it had to be in the summer, because after they played in Lowell they played at Casino Ballroom at Hampton Beach.  We stood outside and listened to them..

BluesPicker wrote at 2011-01-30 14:05:12
I remember the Door's August 19, 1967, Hampton Beach concert very well. I was 18 and graduated high school just two months before. Vietnam was going on and I knew this would be my last weekend as a civilian for some time to come. I knew I was leaving home for Air Force basic training three days later. Somebody here said it was stormy that day (a Saturday). I don't recall it being stormy -- I drove up from Nashua with my girlfriend in my dad's old '55 Chevy station wagon, and we walked around the beach front a bit before getting in line for the tickets and the show. By time the show was finished, however, some serious fog had rolled in and it was pretty thick. It took at least two hours to get back to Nashua because you could hardly see the road. Somebody mentioned "The Spectras" opening for the Doors that night. The band that opened the show Boston-based "Bundle of Joy". For some reason, I never forgot that name, only because I thought it was a cool name at the time. Also different from shows today was that The Doors played two sets, repeating "Light My Fire" in both. The Doors followed the opening act, then in turn was followed by the house band -- a bunch of guys who played there most nights during the summer. The Doors followed them with their show-closing second set. The second set was a smoker, too -- it opened with "When the Music's Over", and closed with "The End". I was standing maybe three feet or five feet from the front of the stage, almost directly in front of Jim Morrison. Remember, Hampton Beach was a "dry" beach back then. There were no tables or concert seating or bar -- just a big open dance floor that you stood in to watch shows like this. The place was a teen hangout with bands there every night during the summer. It was a place for kids to hang out and dance to live bands. The Doors were still riding high on their first self-titled album and the shortened single version of "Light My Fire" (the LP had been recorded a year earlier in L.A. but not released until the summer of '67). The "Strange Days" LP  wouldn't be out for several more months, but the Doors played pretty much everything off both those LPs that night. Doors' keyboardist Ray Manzarek later said the Doors could be one of the best bands in the world or one of the worse, depending on how messed up Jim was. In August 1967, Jim and the Doors were still hungry for it, and just tore the Casino up. It was raw and in your face -- the stage was a shambles when the lights went up after "The End" (mic stands, drums and drum stands littered the stage) and I still remember standing there with eyes wide open and jaw hanging to the ground. My air-head girlfriend didn't get it. "You really liked this?" she asked. "Yeah," I replied. "Did you?" "Oh, I guess it was okay," was the best she could muster. But then again, she thought the Monkees were the best thing since peanut butter. Go figure.

gv0000 wrote at 2011-03-24 02:35:50
The Doors appeared at:

Commodore Ballroom, Lowell, MA August 15, 1967, Sherwoods opened

Hampton Beach Casino, Hampton, NH, August 19, 1967, Spectras opened

Paul McCaffrey wrote at 2012-01-14 04:15:15
I saw The Doors at the Commodore in Lowell ma in Aug 1967. I was 16 y/o and heard Light My Fire (short version) on the radio but new nothing else about them. I paid $3.50 to get in and was amazed at the tall PA speakers on stage. The three musicians came out and started to jam, then Jim strolled out, grabbed the mic and let out a blood curdling scream that sent goose bumps up and down my entire body. I had never seen or heard anything like The Doors before.I was able to enter the groups dressing room on their break where the three sat and talked while Jim floated around the club and outside by himself.  I consider this concert to have been a life changing moment. I remain a Doors fan to this day at 60 years old. Jim lives forever as an icon.

Harley wrote at 2012-12-01 20:53:19
I grew up in Lowell an worked at the Commador Ballroom during my High School Years...many famous bands played at the Commadore Ballroom during this time. Carl Braun Jr. use to book the bands at the Drum Hill Motel in Chelmsford a small dump between the Lowel and Tyngsborough exits at the rotary. I use to help with setting up the bands on saturday and was invited to party with the bands...I have lots of far as I can recall the Doors never played at the Commadore...they did play in Boston where I did see them....

giuliano wrote at 2016-07-27 15:06:49
Hi there Elizabeth,

The Doors did play in Lowell MA. at the Commodore Ballroom on August 15, 1967.

Years ago, a woman mentioned she'd seen the band when they played Lowell's Commodore Ballroom.

A researcher called MacNeil found others who knew of the show or who were there.

He scoured library microfilm and found a small ad for the concert, Aug. 15, 1967. He tracked down members of the opening band, Little John & The Sherwoods, for information. MacNeil discovered other area shows. When one Door closed, another opened.

MacNeil has pieced together the Doors' time in Lowell. Someone told him he ran into the band in Fort Hill Park the day they played Lowell. He called Jack Kerouac biographer Ellis Amburn, who told him Morrison -- a Kerouac fan -- visited Kerouac's house on Sanders Avenue but was turned away by the writer's mother.

MacNeil tracked down Greg Shaw, whose book The Doors On The Road, chronicles the band's live shows but did not include the Lowell date. MacNeil says Shaw told him he would include the information in future editions of the book.

ęBy David Perry,  

Doors, The (Jim Morrison)

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