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Scruff27 wrote at 2013-02-11 22:11:13
Actually if you read a few of Jim's biographies, you would know that Jim ingested LSD on a daily basis for years, mind you LSD was not only legal back then but also distributed by the government in pill form. LSD makes your pupils VERY HUGE! And it lasts for hours and hours, so you can imagine as much as Jim was tripping you're bound to snap a photo of his enlarged pupils. Alcohol has little to do with pupil dialation of that magnitude when compared to the effects of LSD. Also, alcohol had little to do with his impotency, he wrote of STD's and cancer before his death, insinuating that he had ghonnerhea or some other unknown disease of sexual organs. See "Lament for the death of my cock"

Doors, The (Jim Morrison)

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