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QUESTION: Did Jim know his nephew Dylan? I also read that Jim had more than 20 paternity suits against him. Did he have any children before or after he passed away? Thank you so much!

ANSWER: I hope this answers your question regarding  "Did Jim know his nephew"
There were never any paternity suits filed against Jim, ever.
In fact it would have been impossible for Jim to sire a child because he was clinically impotent.

A. R Graham.

Excerpted from :I Remember Jim Morrison

Jim Sings to his Nephew

In the summer of 1969, we drove from Coronado to Hollywood with Dylan to visit Jim. What we didn’t know at the time would be historic in nature as fate would have it. The Doors were recording at Elektra Studios. We stopped in to have a listen. Jim was in the sound booth wearing headphones and singing one of the copious and utterly unnecessary takes of the same song. Jim was patient and cool as Paul Rothschild, the producer, fussed over the simplest detail or inflection in the song.

We sat quietly in the studio while Jim worked much to the chagrin of the diminutive, temperamental, and top-balding producer/engineer. At one point, Jim looked out of the sound booth into the studio as he sang/read the words to a song that was never released.

“I am troubled immeasurably by your lies.” When he finished the line, Jim looked directly at his sister, who was sitting with a smile from ear to ear as she held Jim’s nephew.

Jim sang again. This time it was a little verse in which he included our son’s name, “Hey Dylan? It’s your world”, along with other cool banter-beat exclamations like, “Dylan…ah ah um um… Awright!”

We were so proud and Jim was so real with his sister and Dylan. For a short time, Jim was not the inaccessible rock-god-icon. He was just the older brother showing his sister what he had become, in spite of it all. That was the only time I ever saw Jim express signs of victory about achieving something he was told that he would never be able to attain.

Recently, Anne has started to take a more active role in the management of her beloved brother’s image and memory. She began a search of The Doors’ archives to see if those recordings could be found. Fortunately, for posterity and legacy sake, she was successful. These tapes let us hear a Jim Morrison that very few people knew existed – someone who loved his family even though he had vast differences with his father, who never did acknowledge his success. In that moment of frozen time, Jim, in some way, received the personal satisfaction and positive feedback from Anne whom he loved dearly and unconditionally.
You can find the recording on the re-release of The Doors Morrison Hotel.

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QUESTION: What about Patricia Kinealy and she said she was pregnant with Jim's child? BS? I am also looking forward to getting your book. Do you have a website or Facebook? Also, do you think if Jim was alive today, he would be classified as being Bi-polar? Again, Thank you.

As I have said, he could not produce a child with any woman. Pamela tried from the day she met Jim but never ever became pregnant.

You can find my book at

Jim was not bipolar but he did suffer from alcohol related schizophrenia to ward the end of his life.



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