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Rochelle wrote at 2013-03-15 23:36:47
It is my understanding that Jim Morrison's parents lived in his childhood home in the San Diego area until their passing not too long ago.  Many of Jim's most special items were kept in that home purposedly to ensure that no harm came to them or worse they should disappear. About five years ago,  the Morrison's suffered a fire in their home which destroyed many of their belongings including much of their son's (Jim's memorabilia. What was not destroyed was severely smoke damaged and destined to be thrown away.  Some items were so blackened, that one needed to scrape the char off to see what it once was.  This is how a good friend of mine came to acquire Jim Morrison's one of kind Platimum Award for the Doors' 13th album including the uncomparable "Light My Fire"(ironic,isn't it?). My friend was in the construction business and had worked with the Morrison's before; this time clearing the burnt rummage.  The Morrison's being a good military family generously advised my friend that he could keep anything he wanted out of the charred belongings and even directed him to where Jim Morrison's memorabilia lay.  He also collected a framed one-of-a kind color pencil drawing by Jim (a cartoonish self portrait?) with his well known "JM" signature initials.  There is a bit of smoke damage but otherwise in good condition.  I am looking for a suitable buyer for the two unique items. Hope this was of interest.  You may e-mail me.  Rochelle

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I can answer almost any question in reference to the life of Jim Morrison. I have been a Doors fan for as long as I can remember, and I am a self proclaimed Jim Morrison junkie. I have read eight biographies and all of Jim's poerty books. I am always looking for new literature to increase my knowledge.


I have read eight biographies on the life of Jim Morrison, including "Break On Through, The Life And Death of Jim Morrison" by James Riordan and Jerry Prochnicky, "No One Here Gets Out Alive" by Jerry Hopkins and Danny Surgarman, "The Lizard King The Essential Jim Morrison" by Jerry Hopkins, "Angels Dance and Angels Die" by Patricia Butler, "The Doors In Their Own Words" by Andrew Doe and John Tobler, "Jim Morrison An Hour For Magic" by Frank Lisciandro, "Wild Child: Life With Jim Morrison" and " Jim Morrison: Life, Death, Legand". I have also read his poetry books "The Lords and the New Creatures", "Wilderness volume 1", and " The American Night volume 2". I enjoy searching the internet for new knowledge on Jim Morrison. I am confident I could correctly answer almost any question about him.

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