Doors, The (Jim Morrison)/Is he still alive?


justin black from battle kry wrote at 2007-06-06 02:08:53
i wish jim was alive, I am only 15 and I can tell that pic is a fake

Mojod Risin wrote at 2008-09-01 18:33:24
That man doesn't look like Jimbo at could people actually believe that?Plus,he would have never hurt Pamela so much by making up this whole story..I love Jim terribly,their music,his philosophy of life,every single thing he said,and I'd die to see him only once,but trust he ain't here and even if he was,he wouldn't look like that man at all!

Alice Cooper wrote at 2008-10-20 12:34:18
I also looked at this site. I wish it was true that that was him but it's not. Jim Morrison dies that day ion paris in the 1970's and was pronounced dead and was buried in france. This man on this site is not jim and is just trying to get pubicity. Jim is dead and he may not be here still but his music lives on.

Alice Cooper wrote at 2008-10-21 15:50:50
Indeed Jim Morrison of the doors is dea. He died in Paris France in the year 1971. No one know's exactly what he died of but i do know that he is no longer with us but his music will live on forever. Gerald Pitts is claiming that he know's Jim Morrison and let me assure you Gerald Pitts is nothing but an ASSHOLE!!!!

JLizard wrote at 2010-02-16 00:44:52
The person in this picture, Bill Loyer, is in fact Jim Morrison.  It has been verified by dozens who were his neighbors in Oregon.  You can read serious discussion on this topic at the Museum of Hoaxes website, in the catergory IS JIM MORRISON ALIVE.  Carissa, you offer no compelling thoughts in your argument that this is a fake.  At the museum you will read accounts from a forensic scientist, Dave from Montana, who asks that we give this consideration.  

    Another Dave, David Logan, was the son of radio celebrity Paul Harvey's best friend and spent tons of personal time with Bill Loyer and is 100% sure that this is Jim Morrison.

   The most famous celebrity of his day was "buried" before anyone knew he was "dead".  The French Doctor who was paid to sign death certificates has not spoken to this day on the matter.  Jim said over and over that he would fake his death and come back as Mr. Mojo Risin'.  Study with us, you will see that this American Legend has kept his word!

Tigerrr22 wrote at 2011-05-25 01:30:10
Go to   There you will see some amazing pictures of Bill Loyer, from over the years, matched up to some pictures of Morrison from many of the same facial angles.  I talked to Gerald Pitts on the phone for about twenty minutes.  He told me that Morrison was in a coma for six weeks around the time of his publicly presented death.  He says that Manzarek knows it's Morrison that lives in Oregon.  Pitts adds that he's dealt with the FBI to make sure he isn't breaking any laws based on past criminal charges laid against Morrison moving forward as an apparently deceased man with criminal charges pending. (Miami incident has been pardoned.)   Gerald sounds like a sincere and friendly guy that will give you the time over the phone.  He had a bad telephone connection, on his cell, and phoned me right back on his dime.  I've ordered the JM discovery DVD from Rodeos West and will have some fun with it soon.  Look at some of the photos from   These David Logan held photos are better than most of the Rodeos West video you tube clips.  Remember Jim is, or would be, about 67 years old today.  That's an age that most people look very different compared to when they were 27 years old.  I hope it's the truth.  I really do!  What an amazing life journey to recapture and catch up to if it is!  

rob wrote at 2012-06-13 10:16:56
If the fbi was involved he woyld had been arrested for the felony warrant he had out for him active till 2012.

Jlizard wrote at 2016-04-04 14:25:26
Please read the interview with Gary James found at the Classic Bands website

Tara wrote at 2016-05-20 04:51:07
I believe Jim is alive. If anyone could carry off that scheme, it'd be him. I'm frustrated that he hasn't come forward. I know he has every right not to; I would just love for him to decide to do it.  

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