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Hi. I produced a disco version of the DW theme music in 1978. I want to release an album to coincide with the 50th anniversary of the show. I would like to call it 'Gallifrey And Beyond'. Do you know if the BBC claims the word 'Gallifrey' as a trade mark or a copyright?

best  Don Gallacher

Hi, Don, thanks for the question. While I'm not 100% certain if, indeed, the BBC owns the rights to the word 'Gallifrey', I CAN say that it stands to reason that they do. Everything produced by individual writers in the classic series, unless otherwise negotiated away by the writers/creators (such as the Daleks and K9, both of whom are wholey or partly owned by their creators), generally fell under the 'work for hire' rule, meaning if a writer (in this case, Robert Holmes, in 'The Time Warrior') created something that stuck around, it was automatically the BBC's property to use and further exploit.

I also know that, like you, the band KLF (Kopyright Liberation Front) produced an album back in the 1980's called 'Doctorin' The TARDIS', a collection of dance tunes inspired by 'Doctor Who'. In their case, they originally put it out under the band name The Timelords, and even after they changed it to KLF, the BBC went after them legally. I can tell you in my own experience making nothing more than fan films locally, that our humble little fan group sent a letter to the BBC asking for permission to make them, and were informed that we could provided we give them full credit and didn't actually make money off their copyrighted materials.

So, while I don't know specifically if the BBC would take the time to pursue it legally with you (odds are they would eventually if you did indeed charge for it and make money off their property), and while there's no 100% proof that the BBC owns the word 'Gallifrey', as I said the work-for-hire pertains here, so odds are they 'do', at least that's my educated guess. My advice to you would be to perhaps contact BBC Worldwide, the distribution and commercial arm of the BBC, and just run it by them; at least you can say you 'tried'. If you can change the title of the album to avoid 'any' legal ramifications should they arise, I'd advise doing so. But if you really do want to put the word in, then yes, I'd just check with them. Again, that's what we did legally and we were fine. The BBC is not as litigious as, say, LucasFilm or DC Comics over the unauthorized use of their stuff, but they 'have' been known, as they did with KLF, to not-so-gently remind people that most everything associated with 'Doctor Who' is their property.

I hope this helps! Incidentally, I perform a 'Doctor Who' podcast called 'The Whostorian', you can find us at, as well as iTunes and youtube. We are always looking for unique content, fan produced, to discuss and review, so if you'd like, when you do release the album, please contact us at the website and we'd be happy to check it out and let people know about it!

Cheers, Shannon

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