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i am less than impressed with #13     is that the general consensus?

Actually, most of the people with whom I've spoken really like/love him. Many (not all) of those who have only followed the series from 2005 onward are put off by his acerbity, having become used to the warm-fuzzies of David Tenant and Matt Smith (even Christopher Eccleston was kind of a teddy bear) and expecting that of "THE Doctor", but those who have been with the series longer and experienced William Hartnell',  Tom Baker', Colon Baker', and Sylvester McCoy's Doctors seem to be less critical of him (again, not all). I would have to say the "general concensus" is that he's well-liked in the Whovian community. However, the stories so far do seem to lack cohesion as a series and I feel that that is more of a problem, causing a disconnect between the viewers and the characters, than Peter Capaldi's performance.

I hope that answers you question. :0)

Keep rocking fellow Whovian! And stick with it. This weird little show has a way of surprising you.

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