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To Mark,

Do you have any idea why Douglas Camfield refused to use Dudley Simpson after 'the Crusade'?

It has been stated since that Camfield simply wanted to give Simpson a rest and use other composers because Camfield felt that Simpson was running out of steam!

But seeing as Simpson had only done two serials with him I don't believe this.

I have heard recently that they had a dispute about something. Do you know if this is true, and if so do you no what it's about?


Dear Peter,

This is an interesting question. According to Doctor Who Magazine, issue 259 (December 1997), Camfield attended a dinner party at Simpson's house and commented that the composer's large house indicated a similarly large income. When Simpson denied this, Camfield accused him of lying, and subsequently never hired him again. Although the director later realized he had over-reacted and wanted to use Simpson again, his premature death scuppered the idea.

I hope this answers your question. If I've been helpful, please leave positive feedback for me.

Best wishes,


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