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Scott351W wrote at 2007-05-15 03:39:07
To confirm and expand on what Mark said. In episoide 103 (The Armageddon Factor part 5) the Doctor meets up with a old classmate that calls him "Theta Sigma" (or more accurately with the accent "Feet" and "Feeta Sigma"). Good work Mark!

Michael Barley wrote at 2007-06-18 16:35:41
I think the teacher may be remembering the assumed name that Susan used in the first episode, which was Susan Foreman. The name Foreman was also on the gate of the junk yard where the TARDIS was first seen. One of the teachers, Ian, calls the Doctor "Doctor Foreman" in this episode, to which the Doctor Replies "Who? Doctor Who? What are you talking about?" or something similar. I think this is what the teacher is remembering.

hans wrote at 2007-07-06 18:15:25
In the first episode his granddaughter goes by the name Susan Forman. When the teachers come to investigate her living conditions they assume that the Doctor's name is Doctor Foreman but they quickly realize that that is a false name.

I believe however that in an episode of with the 7th Doctor there was an alien in a coffin or something and she threatened to reveal the Doctor's real name. I believe the bigger threat was the cybermen

Doctor Who 08 wrote at 2008-04-06 22:22:07
Hi then. I am a big Doctor Who fan i hav loved the show since i was bout 9 or 10 yrs old. Now i can offically say i know the Doctor`s real name! Are u ready. The Doctor`s real name is:

Christodavoreendiamondhoertmalloupdracoefiredelunmiancuimhue de lungborrow. That is his full name in full. For shorting of his name, his name is Christo Chuimhe de Lungborrow. Before he became know as the Doctor he was either called Christo, or Christo Chuimhe. Theta Sigma woz his nickname when he was at the time lord acamdy. But that who the Doctor really is Christo Chuimhe.

Doctor Who 08 wrote at 2008-04-07 01:04:49
Hi here. Got more info on the Doctor. He began life as Christo Chuimhne de lungborrow on galifrey and was born into one of the house`s on galifrey the house of lungborrow. On galifrey chlidren are loomed though machines, as timelady`s and galifreyian women are unable to give narual birth. After the looming process they are then sector into house`s when they are born. Christo/Doctor was born into the house of lungborrow, and was son to a timelord named Urrairrs those real name was, Christo`Mian de Lungborrow, but a shorting for his real name was Kristoph De Leon, but is known by the title of Urrairrs. The Doctor`s Mother was Penople either a Galifreyian or posslbly a human woman, as stated by the Doctor in the Dr.Who tv movie. Other relatives include a Brother Irving Braxiatel, who was younger and dozens of cousins in the House of lungborrow. As we all known christo chuimhe attended the proydian acamday for timelords and forefullied his lifelong ambtion of becoming a timelord in his senior years. Then he found love, with a Galifreyian Woman or timelady named Patience,whom he had married and had a famliy with. One son and one daugther. And a grandaugther susan. Christo Chuimhe was happly setted on galifrey with his famliy, and was even a member of the High counsil of Timelords. Also he started to age gracefully as well, and middle 200`s as timelords age in a body if they hav been in it for 200 years or so they start to age which asmbles the 1st Doctor`s look. But tradey came into christo`s life. It had been revaled that christo was the showdory figue and legendary timelord called the Other in a past life. The Other along with Rasslion and Omega were revesed legends in Timelord History. But Omega was killed whlie creating a black hole, then galifrey had mastered time travel and they became timelords. Rasslion then became ruler of galifrey in the dark times in the universe`s early days. But he is a evil corropt dictor, and mad for power and greet. The Other knew his days were numbered and deciced on a act of uprising asgaist Rasslion. He thorwed himself into the looms, killing himself. His biodata,gernes,DNA all got mixed up in the looms so he could be reincared in the future as a another timelord, reborn with a new life. This new Timelord happen to be Chirsto. He used to be the Other in a past life. And back in galifrey`s past rasslion learned of this. Desipe christo not having any memory atall of being the Other, rasslion in the past sent to hunt him down. As a Timelord Createing yourselve with a new life is stricly forbibben and against the law. Rasslion had a serect powerful Timelord organziation known as the Wacth in which he was in change of. They were the true holders of power in galifrey. A organziation he created to hold power in galifrey in the future when he was dead. In present day galifrey the wacth hunted down christo and his famliy. They plans were simple: Kill christo and his famliy. After dozens of ecounders with the wacth and been on the run in fear of them, Christo came up with a plan. To sepatrate himself from his famliy. Patience and his chlidern along with susan travelled back in time to galifrey`s past. Christo then travelled to other planets for help. With even the high counsil unable to help him he had no choice but to leave galifrey. He long decided he had grown bored and tired of life on the planet, and longed for the chance to the travel the unisevsre before the wacth`s creul deeds. Upon returning to galifrey, christo stole a type 40 tardis, and had travelled back in time to galifrey`s past during the rasslion era. Once there he deafted all the main members of the wacth, and make a despate cause to safe his famliy from rasslion`s cluches. Once he had reached rasslion`s domain he was caupred by his guards and taken to see him. Christo came face to face with rasslion. He said christo hadnt fooled him re-making himself into Christo Chuimhne de lungborrow, after been provisley been the Other in a past life. Rasslion then revaled he had capured his family and he would make christo wacth as his hechmen murder them in front of him. Despite not having any mermory of his past life as the Other, Christo asked rasslion how he knew it was him, as the Other`s real name was unknown and lost to time, that not even anicent Timelords knew his real name. Rasslion told Christo he had at last found out who the Other really was and even his real name. He reavlved his real name to be Christodavoreendiamondhoertmalloudracoefiredlunmiancuimhne de lungborrow!(Or Christo Chuimhne de lungborrow for short) Shocked with horror Christo beged rasslion to spare his famliy`s lives. Rasslion then ordered they`re deaths. His henchmen and the last member of the wacth jajo zhan,then murdered christo`s famliy right before his eyes. Using bow and arrow`s they shoot christo`s beloved wife patience in the chest almost killing her instandly. They done the same to christo`s son and daughter. Patience`s last words to christo were: You are the chosen one my beloved love christo de lungborrow. You, You alone can become the greatest of the Timelords. You are the only one who can bring us as Timelords out of the dark times. Promise me you will end this univesre of right or wrongs. My love patience. After they death`s they bodies were then burnt as well, to make sure they were dead. Susan was the only one not yet killed. Christo wowed to save her, and not allow her to go the same fate as the others just like her parents. Using his sonic srewdriver he freeded her of the ropes which had her hands tired to a pole. Then he defeated jajo zhan in a swordfight to the death, killing him. Then christo vowed to stop rasslion once and for all and to stop him taking over the uniservse. Using a bow and arrow from one of his fallen henchmen, he shoot rasslion with it, shooting him in the heart. Rasslion then died unable to change or rengratrate cos he was in his last body. Then after that christo found the lost scolls of rasslion and kept for later use. Christo along with susan when buried patience and the other members of his now deceased famliy. Then he read the lost scolls of rasslion. It had reavled the Other`s real name was in fact the same as his and that he was the Other in a past life. It was also reavled it was the Other who bulit and created the house of lungborrow and named it after himself for his cousins to be loomed. Christo then decied along with susan that was time to leave his beloved galifrey. As a old man he decied to the travel and explore the unisverse in his tardis. He would right the unisverse of any wrongs, stop great evil, with wits and only restore to violence as a last choice. He would also travel time and space and explore history to. Just before leaving galifrey, Christo had one more request. Due to having the same real name as the Other he decied he would no longer be christo de lungborrow. He would now keep his idendy a sercet. His real name brings back terrble memories of the way he lost his famliy. And also cos it was the same name as the Other, though him been the other in a past life and havin his name cost the lives of his famliy. He would no longer be christo de lungborrow. He would abandon his former idendy and kept it sercet. From this day forward, he would be known to the Timelords and rest of the unisevere as the Doctor. That was his to be his name from his day foreward, the Doctor. The Doctor would go on to become the greatest of the timelords, and the save the unisevse from evil dangers, and explore time and space in his tardis. Then the Doctor and his grandaugther susan then left galifrey in the tardis to explore the unisevese and travel though time and space.

K.J wrote at 2008-06-08 04:14:51
Mark...Theta Sigma was first used as the Doctor's handle in "The Armageddon Factor" when a fellow Timelord,DRAX, adresses the 4th Doctor (Tom Baker) as such. He also suggests that "the Doctor" maybe an honorary title. And most recently River Song, a future companion of the Doctor, whispers his true name to the 10th Doctor in order to gain his trust (in "aThe Forest of the Dead" from the 4th season of the new Dr. Who series).

Keep the faith,


too wrote at 2008-06-13 00:07:54
I believe his name was revealed on one episode where the Doctor was on trial by the timelords on Gallifrey, ( Tom Baker as the Doctor.)

zapp168 wrote at 2008-07-12 03:57:48
Dr who's name was revealed, I am not sure why so many seem to have missed it. Maybe I am incorrect but in the episode "The Armageddon Factor" an aqaintence of the Dr, named "Drax" called him "Feetis Sigma" "hello feet" he said. The doctor did not deny it he answered to it

Jeff wrote at 2008-09-23 18:40:02
Not old class mate says his name in "Doctor Who: The Armageddon Factor" The Dr. ask him to call him the Dr. as he has his Doctorate. Funny huh!

Lukie Luke wrote at 2010-01-24 06:56:24
I believe that The Master called The Doctor 'Gandalf' in "Last of the Time Lords", he whispered it into his ear.  And since The Doctor and The Master grew up on Galafrey together, he should know The Doctor first name.

DrKnight wrote at 2010-04-07 01:08:29
Hello. My name is Mike. Been a huge dr. who fan for over 15 years. the doctor's real name is spoken by Drax. Another timelord he bumped into in the last episode of the key to time story. armageddon factor, i think its called. Fetr or feter sigma is what drax called him. if u watch the episode and listen closely he says Fetr once and then calls him Fet or as its pronounced (Feet). like pete for peter, feet for feter. so, spread the word. Feter Sigma is the doctor's proper title.

Dr.4x4 wrote at 2010-10-31 06:06:11
his name has naver ben reviled in the tv series but it has ben reviled in a book it is Christoreslvdespovratorcovor De Lungborrow . google it for more info

Alephra wrote at 2010-12-15 18:24:07
Christoreslvdespovratorcovor De Lungborrow is NOT his 'real name'. It is PAINFULLY obvious that someone who couldn't spell spread this rumor to get the 'christ-' prefix out there and establish him as a Christ like figure. (He was loomed in House LungbArrow. Every version spelled otherwise is a cut-and paste from the original troll.) Throughout canon, it is established that Gallifreyan is a mathematical language, largely unpronounceable by humans, and his original 'true name' was "d^3∑x^2". (This is likely a precise mathematical derivative from any number of inital equations, so his calling card [Google it] is accurate and comprehensible to Gallifreyans.)HOWEVER, due to his exile/disgrace/removal from House records, his name was actually revoked, so he technically has no name. BUT, part of Gallifreyan tradition dictated that a child choose their own title/name as they get older, and he chose 'The Doctor' as his title, making that his real name. (Though not his True Name, since that was revoked.) (As 'The Master' chose his.) So, getting down to brass tacks, 'The Doctor' is ACTUALLY HIS REAL NAME, although it would be both written and pronounced differently in Gallifreyan, and we don't yet know the translation.

Also, the De gives it away - that is a human Spanish name indicator meaning 'the'. Gallifreyan follows no such rules.

Now stop it with this silly rumor - you're aggravating the older fans.

steve wrote at 2011-10-04 20:40:38
Something has bothered me in this space. The answer was certainly not revealed in "An unearthly child" but I seem to remember one of the Target Books, and I cant recall which one saying that all Time Lords have names that are mathematical formula. And that the Dr was something like Delta cubed Sigma X squared. Wish I could remeber where I read it.

steve wrote at 2011-10-05 20:11:53
Since I wrote yesterday I did a bit more digging. Years ago there was a Tv guide called the making of Dr who. In it there is a graphic allegdly showing the trial transcript from Trial of a Time Lord. The Dr is charged under his real name. See my entry above. Delta cubed sigma X squared, as "the DR". The prosecutors formula in Gallifraian is there too. INteresting thing is that this picture is only in the 1st edition of the guide. Subsequent books have a different chapter. I now remmeber one of my best friends from school Kevin showed me it when I was About 14. Wish I knew why the later versions didnt have it.

Jonathan wrote at 2012-02-25 19:19:16
His name isn't Christo Chuimne De Lungbarrow but his name could be a direct translation from galifreyan to be Christo Chuimne, Gallifreyan is a strict mathmatical language which time lords don't read but decipher. His real name is maths but the maths must be code for letters so he could still be Christo Chuimne, though there are often rumors like theta sigma but that was confirmed as a nickname but Christo could be a direct correlation with christ (savior) and Chuimne could be Ch (latin for the) which is The Savior. The Doctor has saved many planets so... Im not sure though but I have been doing a fair amount of digging. And theta sigma means DR in the ancient greek alphabet so that could be a set up name for him. I don't ever think we'll know but my best guess is Christo Chuimne. And people have said De Lungborrow is not his last name because it's spanish Translate it it means The Savior of Lungborrow (house of Gallifrey). Hope this helped



Jonathan wrote at 2012-03-03 20:48:01
Alephra, No person apart from The Doctor, Drax, Jelpac, Koschei (The Master), Magnus (The War Chief), Mortimus (The Monk), Rallon, Ushas (The Rani), Vansell and The Other Changed there name but there were billions if not trillions of Time Lords. It wasn't a thing Time Lords did when they got older its just a thing renegade Time Lords did when they had there name revoked. And it was mostly only The Deca that changed there name so... I'm not sure you've done your research. And also stop making bad acusations I'm 12 and I seem to know more than you. It's aggravating every fan.



Engurru wrote at 2012-06-17 20:44:49
It's "Theta Sigma" guys. And sorry, it's still just a nickname.

Theta Sigma wrote at 2012-09-12 11:44:51
Ok, First of all, The Name of Theta Sigma has come up a few times in Doctor. There are a few episodes where he is called Theta Sigma,by several people. The Master, The Rani, Romana, Drax, The Lord President Of The High Council, The Lord Chancellor of The High Council, The Lord Castellan, and it has never been declared as just a nick name. He has either told them, call me Doctor as he did with Drax, or replied, it's what they called me at school. With the exact wording being such as to give the impression and lead people to think that it was a nick name. the Doctor has never said oh that? It is or was my nick name. It leaves the possibility that either it was his nick name, or it was part of his full name, such as if my full real name was William Thomas Hartford, my school mates might call me William Hartford or William Thomas or even Thomas Hartford. Next there are visual clues that are left as a written name. The visual clues are a mix of Greek letters and numbers. Only one episodes ties all these other clues together, and it involves The Doctors "Calling Card", which includes these Greek and number alphabet letters as part of the "calling card" itself, and one episode where those same Greek and number alphabet letters appear with the explanation that it is "Ancient High Gallifreyan". And only one episode where the doctor reads/interprets a statement carved in stone when asked what does that say, he replies, it says Theta Sigma also known as The Doctor. It has also never been stated that his name is or that his true name is Theta Sigma either. It has only been stated that he has been called Theta Sigma, like he has been called The Doctor. Last suprizing fact, Theta Sigma would be Greek for, yup you guessed it, Doctor Who. The series creator and the writers of the episodes where the Theta Sigma references appear, said they used the Greek Doctor Who to deliberately give it some mystery to maybe a possible hidden clue and as a joke. The meaning of the numbers? Well when it first came up was under the 3rd Doctor and well time Lords only have 13 lives......

The only conical cannon items that can be considered as part of the Doctor Who factual universe, are the TV shows done under the copyright, either BBC, CBC, Sci Fi, Spielberg, who are the one's who have held copyrights. The BBC radio dramas by BBC Radio since they are part of the BBC that holds the copyrights, And any book who are done by a writer who had officially written for either the TV or Radio shows, since those writers fall into the copyright also. Anything else that is independently done, can not be considered as part of the conical cannon. The Novel Lungbarrow, and notice it is lung - barrow with an "a" not lungborrow with an "o", was written by an actual writer for the classic Doctor Who series, and can be considered to be a part of the conical cannon. Since several times current writers have mentioned that the have in fact read and referred to this novel when writing current Doctor Who episodes.

It helps to be a fact checker/continuity checker/conical compliance checker....

Simes wrote at 2013-05-14 21:33:36
I haven't broken the whole name down, but to me, the first part "christodav" is Chris to Dave, as in Chris Eccleston to David Tennant, then further in there's malloup, or "mal loup" which is French for bad wolf ( get it)???  There' s probably more to come ...

John wrote at 2014-02-18 05:52:00
The Doctor's real name has never been revealed. it is explicitly stated in both The Armageddon Factor and Remembrance of the Daleks that 'Theta Sigma' was his nickname when eh was younger. I hope the Doctor's real name is never revealed.

Also, the fact that people continue to promote the 'Deca' stuff never fails to upset and disappoint me. The novel Divided Loyalties has Adric, Nyssa and Tegan have nightmares about their pasts, that clearly differ from the facts we know about their pasts. This upsets and confuses them. Then the narrative states that the Doctor falls asleep. The next Chapter is entitled 'DREAMING' in capital letters. A surreal sequence occurs where the Doctor behaves exactly like the current(Fifth) Doctor. There are numerous things that completely contradict everything ever known about Doctor Who. Then the narrative explicitly states that the Doctor wakes up. He is confused. Another character suggests they have been drugged, and the Doctor remarks on the weird nightmare he has just had. The characters then discover they are in the Celestial Toymaker's Dreamscape. Nyssa confronts the Toymaker about the weird confusing nightmares they have been having, and the Toymaker admits that he is responsible. The Celestial Toymaker, the character who enjoys playing games, distorting reality and confusing and tormenting people admits that he made the Doctor have a weird nightmare in the Toymaker's own Dreamscape. In a Chapter clearly entitled "DREAMING"(In Capital letters). Which takes place between the Doctor falling asleep and waking up. And he remarks on the weird nightmare he just had. The weird nightmare that contradicts pretty much every other Doctor Who story ever. Including the non-dream sections of Divided Loyalties.

Sorry to go off-topic, but a)'Theta Sigma' was a nickname, not the Doctor's real name and b)The Deca sequence was a weird nightmare, not a literal rendering of the Doctor's past.

Swax wrote at 2014-10-16 06:36:06
If you needed another proof that Christodavoreendiamondhoertmalloudracoefiredlunmiancuimhne de lungborrow name was a fake check the link below.

But before that I had already deciphered part of the mystery :

- Chris to Dave : Eccleston to Tennant

- Diamond heart

- mal lou = is bad French for bad wolf (I'm French bad wolf is = méchant loup)

- dragon fire

- mian = is Irish for wish

- cuimhne = is Irish for memory or remember

And here is the proof of all that :

Dr. Who

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