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doctorwho2008 wrote at 2008-12-01 23:37:56
The Doctor`s real name is, wait for it:

Christoreslvdespovratorcovor De Lungborrow.

Christo De lungborrow, for short. His real name is hidden in the meudusa cattele. River song knows his real name, but he has said he can only reval his name in a certain name, or the right time, or in a only time. I think he will reval his real name in the last ever seris of Doctor Who when is in his last regenation his 13, as timelords can regenate only 12 times. So thier u have it.

Rob McBaar wrote at 2009-02-05 20:52:25
It should be added that his nickname has been severa times in the classic series as "Theta (or Theet) Sigma. Although there is no official ruling as the the current canonocity of the "Lungbarrow" New Adventure book, it should be noted that Lungbarrow was originally planned to be filmed as the episode that takes place directly before the Doctor Who television movie in the 90's. It was to describe the events leading up to The Doctor transporting the remains of The Master back to Gallifrey. Since it wasn't completed as an episode, we'll never know for sure how it fits the Canon now, but accourding to the to the book, Lungbarrow is indeed his "Family" name and is currently still the family name of his 44 cousins. The book decribes how Time Lords are not born as ordinary people are, because of a sterility curse put on their race. Instead they are fashioned from "Looms" from the remains of other Time Lords. In Lungbarrow, several of his cousins address him as "Wormhole". It can only be assumed this is a Nickname for him rather than his given name.

During the course of the story it is revealed that he was kicked out of the house and his true name was forbidden to be spoken when he announced he was going to become "A Doctor". Apparently being a mere Doctor was a shame to the household.

Also it's explained that in addition to Rassilon and Omega, there was a Third God-Time-Lord simply called 'The Other". When the Doctor was created in the "Loom of Lungbarrow", the majority of his genetic makeup came from "The Other".

Lungbarrow is no longer in print and hasn't been for years, making it sought after highly among fans. It can currently be read in it's entirety at the BBC official website.

Tarod Kildennyn wrote at 2013-04-19 19:51:17
It should be pointed out that during the Stolen Earth crisis with the daleks and Davros, the Doctor regenerated but kept his former form (as David Tennant) making Matt Smith not the 11th but actually the 12th incarnation.  Those keeping track of the "13 regenerations" rule should keep this in mind.

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