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chris26358 wrote at 2013-05-14 14:20:35
Hi i have just read your message and wish to say i have a full size  dalek for sale its a reproduction from this planet earth with the original certicate of authenticity,the Dalek is a grey one with black bubbles,its in very good condition.This Dalek is for sale due to the bereavment of its owner i can be contacted on 07878460018 sensible offers only and must be collected by the buyer.

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I am a freelance writer and huge "Doctor Who" fan. I have seen pretty much every episode that exists, and am familiar with the plots and production details of the series as a whole. I possess every issue of "Doctor Who Magazine", every Target novelization, and a range of the best reference works. I am confident that I should be able to answer any specific queries quickly and accurately. I have written a book called "Pocket Essentials: Doctor Who" (ISBN 1903047196, 2.99), out now. I also have a website called "Skonnos", which features interviews, articles and reviews. The only areas I don`t cover are fan-produced spin-offs and new book adventures.


I am a freelance writer and have written articles on "Doctor Who" for "Midweek" magazine, "The Bookseller" and "The Independent" newspaper. I have a website called "Skonnos" ( which contains many interviews I have conducted with the production team and actors, as well as reviews and articles. I have also written a reference book for Pocket Essentials, called, unsurprisingly, "The Pocket Essential Doctor Who" (3.99, ISBN 1903047196).

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