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Dr. Katz/"Bags" comedian


offalrolfing wrote at 2006-06-22 01:41:54
Barry Sobel is the comedian doing the impression of a jfk airport employee.  the bit happened in dr. katz episode #202 named "real estate."  rita rudner also appears in this episode.  i'm sure you can run your own search on mr. sobel, the only thing i'm aware of him doing is "revenge of the nerds."

none wrote at 2006-06-25 04:39:28
dom irrera

Eric wrote at 2006-07-01 13:35:47
I found this because I was just searching for the same thing! Argh! I saw this routine on a HBO special many years ago.  I think the comedian was one of several that night.  He was a medium-to-short, thin, white guy.  I think he had curly hair that was reddish.  He also did a rap about Star Wars, using, iirc, the word Zodiac.  "Ain't Star Wars!  Ain't Chewbacca!  Zu-Zu-Zu-Zodiac!"

alw2001 wrote at 2011-04-29 17:03:43
It was a routine by Adam Sandler way before he was famous.  It's on a recording from the Montreal Comedy Festival in the 80's.

donmaps wrote at 2014-10-24 22:26:03
It was Barry Sobel from his album and show "C/D" around 1988-89. Look it up on YouTube.  

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