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Ok, I wanted to add a little something that I thought of later.  This goes back to your previous comment that the only reason Jane & Joe broke up was because Joe wasn't ready to father her children and wanted kids of her own.  Again, I need a little more clarity/explanation of this because I read that Jane knew it wouldn't work between them when Joe visited the kids school with her.  She stated this in a magazine.  But she also said that he was great with her kids, but as I said in my initial question, she joked about how Joe acted like a big kid himself.  I guess from all that I've read, I got the impression that Jane ruled him out as a potential father, because first and foremost, he was 11 years her junior, and wasn't father material at the time.  Plus, if it's true that he wanted his own kids, Jane obviously was willing to have more since she went above and beyond to accomplish this with James.  Of course, some men just don't want to father someone else's kids, but I just need a little more convincing that this is true, since it doesn't quite line up with what they've said...Of course, I know that they will paint the picture in whatever way they want the public to receive it for damage control, if nothing else.  I'm thrilled to get your opinion, so please understand when I ask for clarification or I question your statements, it's because I am a truth seeker, not that I'm trying to catch you in a wrong, or anything.  It's obvious you have more inside info than I, and that's why I am picking your brain, so to speak.
Thanks so much for reading through my multiple books and sending me your response/opinions!  This means so much to me.

Hi again Gabrielle,

As an addendum, you pretty much summarized what happened. Joe wasn't ready at the time to become an instant father to someone else's children. Jane had 2 with her previous husband and 1 stepdaughter that wasn't hers at all. It overwhelmed Joe to think of taking all of that on himself, when he was just barely 30. It had nothing to do with Jane wanting more children. She and Joe had even talked about that along with marriage. Yes, Joe was great with her kids, but assuming the full responsibility 24/7? That's a different story.

The primary issue was Joe's reluctance, which of course changed when he followed Jane down to Arizona. But Jane has always been a decisive person, and she doesn't wait long to get what she wants/needs. Enter James....and the rest is history.

So, long story short...Joe and Jane still carry a torch for each other, but their decisions have changed the course of their lives. They have accepted the path they both chose, regardless of how they each got onto those paths, and they have put their past to rest. They both found love and family with James and Kirsten, and they've found happiness as well.

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