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kvalence wrote at 2013-01-17 06:29:56
#4 is actually the same thing I was wanting to ask, but I'm trying not to wear Tiffany out--LOL...  But, yes, to me, there are conflicting stories from them about how they handle Jane's past with Joe.  All I've heard is how Joe and James got along so well together behind the scenes, even though Jane and Joe bickered.  I thought, well I guess he is trying to keep the situation from being even worse by getting involved.  

Then I heard his commentary on Point Blank where he mentioned that people ask him how he feels about them making out all the time on TV.  He said the usual "Oh well, it's actually embarrassing with all those people around and all those cameras...people just don't know how uncomfortable it is, but since I'm the producer, it's wonderful that they have so much chemistry--good for tv."  I was thinking to myself, Jane has admitted in interviews that sometimes when doing a love scene with Joe, it is 'real' and the writers say how 'comfortable' and authentic their love scenes were.  

But on the Bill Boggs interview on youtube, Jane made a statement when asked the same question that was kind of confusing.  She said "Before you got involved with me, but then it got harder." I guess she meant, since they met on Sunstroke, and they weren't together, directing her in those love scenes was fine, but once he started dating her, directing her on Quinn with Joe got difficult.  

But, yes, I have been wanting to ask you to clarify what you feel the "REAL" deal was with all of that.  Was he really as honky-dory with it all as he is trying to suggest, or did it 'possibly' make him even the slightest bit cautious?  

Although Jane obviously loves and is committed to James, I think he would have to be quite foolish to not have been a little concerned.  I tend to believe the hearsay about him directing on the show to 'keep and eye on them'.  I hadn't heard that before, but it makes so much sense.

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