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Hi Tiffany!

 I apologize in advance if any of this seems repetitive but I've only recently discovered DQMW. It is easily now a favorite show and I've done a lot of internet browsing on it. Along the way I discovered that Joe and Jane dated at one point. It didn't surprise me at all. They have such amazing chemistry together. Their scenes together seemed so natural. Anyway along with this discovery I came about  this site and was surprised at all the recent questions pertaining to their relationship. I am further intrigued and just wanted some further insight. First off I have to say that your expertise on this show is wonderful. Especially concerning Joe and Jane and I was curious to know where you get your information? You mentioned that Joe told Jane that he still loved her even after her marriage and that it wasn't common knowledge at the time to anyone, but is this something Joe confessed openly because I never found any personal reference from Joe about this and also the fact that they admitted they still love each other. I'm truly curious and don't mean at all to come off wrong as if I'm questioning your knowledge of the situation. I'm just so curious and these two intrigue me;). Do you think that Jane sill loved Joe well into her marriage with James and working together so closely after the split,doing such passionate scenes together instilled further emotions between them that made Jane realize how much she actually felt for Joe? It's obvious Joe still had feelings for a while that he struggled with but it seems like maybe Jane realized after the fact about her true feelings but was already married and set with James. And was Joe still in love with Jane while dating Kirsten and even at the beginning of their marriage or had he moved on the best he could? It's obvious they both care for and love their spouses but do you think there is truly a love still between them? It just seems hard to believe with all I've read that they didn't end up together. Also do you know if any of their more passionate scenes were improvised? It just came off so naturally.
 Can you also tell me when they commentaries for the DVDs was done?
 One last question. In season 4, the first episode 'A New Life', Sully tells Michaela that marrying her was different than marrying Abigai because he never had the kind of feelings for Abigail that he has for Michaela. What do you thin he was implying by this? Was he suggesting that he loved Michaela more or was he merely saying he loved both woman in a different way?
 Thanks so much!

Hi Ann,

First, thank you for your kind words regarding my expertise. It comes from spending time with many other fans of the show and even with several cast and crew during the show's filming as well as after.

Regarding Jane and Joe and their relationship, the majority of what I've shared was covered in interviews over the years. My take on things is like any other couple who falls in love, there is always going to be affection, even after you've moved on. When you give a piece of your heart to someone, it's not something you can simply take back, so although both Jane and Joe moved on with their respective spouses, feelings still remained. It took time to heal for both of them, and they healed in different ways. Eventually, they were able to move through those stages of healing to put their love relationship in the past and move on to being great friends.

I realize the love for the characters they portrayed on Dr. Quinn causes this deeper interest in some to discover more about their personal relationship, but at the risk of sounding harsh, some things should remain private. So, though I had the privilege of seeing them on the set and even speaking with both of them at different times, out of respect for them, the only details I share are those that are public knowledge. In reading previous questions and answers here, you should be able to divulge everything there is to know about the two of them.

No, I don't believe they were still IN love with each other when they dated, but I do believe they did and still do "love" each other in their own way. I honestly don't think you ever stop loving someone, but I do believe that love changes when a relationship doesn't work out.

As for their passionate scenes, there's always improvisation when words aren't involved, and sometimes even WITH words. Jane and Joe were professionals, but as they've hinted at in various interviews, some parts weren't scripted.

On the commentaries, they were done at various times over the years, but all specific commentaries were done while the DVD sets were in production, so it would have been post-Dr. Quinn, between the years of 2001 and 2007.

Now, as to Sully's remark, I believe he was saying he loved the two women differently, but because he was in a different place in his life, the depth of his feelings for Michaela were likely stronger simply due to his life's experiences.

Hope this helps!

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