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hello Tiffany! i recently re discovered my devotion to Dr Quinn since my local TCM (i live in Argentina) started showing the series again. :) i was wondering if you could help me with the name of the Ralph Emmerson's poem that is heard at the end of the episode Pike's Peace.
since my primary language is Spanish - and i get the series dubbed - i am having a hard time finding it online because i do not know the exact words to use in my searches. i am especially interested in the last part, the lines that are read when Michaela and Sully hugs.
thank you so much in advance for your help. i apologize if some of my sentences or spellings are funny, my primary language is not English.
Blessings!! MARIELA

Hello Mariela,

The poem referenced in Pike's Peace is actually an essay written by Ralph Waldo Emerson entitled "Self-Reliance." And the words when Michaela and Sully hug aren't part of that poem. They are words written by Sam Lindsay in the book she gave to Michaela. Sam quoted some from Emerson in the episode, but the bit at the end wasn't from that essay. She says she can think of no better place to write to Michaela than from among the words of Ralph Waldo, and that meant inside the book written by Emerson.

Hope that helps!

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