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QUESTION: I am seeking an image of the full oval glass door in the new house Sully built.  Can you help with this or point me to a scene in a show that I may capture the image there?  

Thank you

ANSWER: Hi Charlie,

I received your email through the Dr. Quinn web site (which I manage), but I'm answering it here. Unfortunately, I don't have a photo handy of the door itself, but I have put out a request to another one of my staff for a screen shot if she has one. The other option you have is to watch the episode, Money Trouble (season 3, episode 7), which focuses on the purchase of the door. The next time you see it is season 4 after Mike and Sully get married and it's installed in the door, although the wedding episode (finale of season 3) has a great scene with Mike and Sully sitting on the front porch with the door behind them.

Beyond that, I don't recall the exact episodes which showcase that door well. I have forwarded your email to another staff member, so if she has a photo, she'll be in touch.

Hope this helps!

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thank you bunches, Tiff.  I did not get to see few to any of those episodes.  This is wonderful to know they loved the door as I do.  This door is NEVER available through door makers that all use too small of an oval. I have to purchase the series now and watch them all and fall in love again and again.

Can you direct me to these on DVD or Blue Ray?  

Thank you again.


ANSWER: Hi Charlie,

You are quite welcome. And remember, the door was fashioned after a home that might have been built during the 1870's, so the size of the oval would definitely be different than door-builders use today. However, if you're able to get a good enough image, you might be able to find someone to do a custom door that comes close to matching the one used on the show.

As for the seasons or series on DVD (they don't yet have a blu-ray edition), you can go to the Mercantile on the official web site and browse the various outlets which have the set available. Amazon usually has the lowest price and often runs discounts on top of that, but you will see all options when you view this page:

Thanks again for your support.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thank you again.  The glass they sought that you pointed me to seems to be a small 1/4 oval.  Maybe I have the wrong house in question but am positive I seen a FULL OVAL with bevel edge glass in a door and I thought it was in a new house, that Sully built for Mike.  

Maybe this door would have been in another home on the set?  

Can you please help?

I have every intent to get this door built for my home I am building to replace my fire loss last year.


Charlie, since I don't have the DVDs in front of me right now, further details will have to wait until Brandy can get back to me with any images. Feel free to email any more follow-ups to me at

Also, you might be thinking of the Springs Chateau, but no other house in town would've had a full oval door. I'm not sure if that was it. Do you recall anything else about the building beyond the door and the beveled glass?

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