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Hello Tiffany, Just wondering if you could answer a few random questions running through my mind. You seem to be the best person to ask, you are very knowledgeable when it comes to the show.

1.Did Joe Lando do most of his own stunts?

2.Why were there so many episodes that seemed out of order? For instance, Orphan Train clearly seemed that it should of been seen before Where the Heart Is.

3.Did Jane Seymour wear hair extensions at all? For example in the wedding scene. Also her hair appeared longer and thicker in the later seasons. And was it normal at all for women back in that time period to actually wear their hair down like Dr. Quinn?

4. In the Episode Man In The Moon, what were those small pieces of cloth that Michaela was washing and then hanging on the line? It's the scene where Dr. Quinn and Sully are talking about Myra's wedding.

5. How old is Michaela when she gets pregnant with Katie? Wasn't she around 37, if we are going by the supposed time line, which can be a little confusing anyway? Michaela mentions to Sully in One Touch of Nature that she might be too old to conceive but if she was only around 37 why would she think this? And hadn't they only been married around 6mths? Wouldn't plenty of women in their later years get pregnant back then, because it doesn't really seem that there was any real form of birth control.

6. I noticed that the woman on this show never wore corsets. I've only noticed a couple times that Michaela did and that was when she was dressed up fancy. I have always assumed in the time period it was a common thing for woman to wear corsets under all their dresses. Did they just decide not to have it for the show?

7. I heard Jane Seymour wore contacts on the show, is this true?

8.I've read past Q&A on here and noticed the many Jane and Joe questions. Wow there are some curious people and it is all interesting, I didn't realize how deep their relationship went. Anyhow it sparked my curiosity as well. I'm sure you might be tired of the questions by now lol but if you could elaborate more on the last question asked about them. You mentioned a struggle about the time Joe got married. Is that because there was still "lingering" feelings between the two or just him? I would of thought at this point, he would of moved on, because he had decided to committ himself to marriage. It just seems strange to say it was a struggle. When you say struggle, I want to assume that even though they were both married, there was still an attraction or love between them that wasn't helped out at all by the love scenes they had together or the time spent on set. Did they struggle to keep their feelings in check, because obviously they had made decisions and decided to move on from each other and wanted to respect those decisions?

9. Lastly, do you know if there is any news or movement on getting that 3rd movie made or a reunion?

Thanks Tiffany for all your help. Sorry that it is pretty lengthy:)

Wow, Marie! Talk about a lot of questions. :) Sorry it's taken me so long to get back with you, but I had to carve out the time to get all of these done. Did them 1 at a time, so I'll copy and paste. And here we go!

1. Yes, Joe did most of his own stunts. He wanted to get the full experience. :)

2. Episodes are filmed in order of the story arc, but there are times when certain episodes were selected to line up with "Sweeps" weeks on network TV, ones that packed more punch and would attract more viewers. Other times, an episode would get pre-empted by the network, and they would have to air it another week during the season. So, usually, it was out of the hands of the products of the show and determined by CBS.

3. Yes, Jane did have extensions in her hair, both for Dr. Quinn, and even for a while in her everyday life. The wedding 2-parter was a combination of her own hair and extensions. As for women wearing their hair down as often as Dr. Mike did, it depended on the woman. Most pioneer women wore theirs up for convenience as they were doing a lot of hard work and hair got in the way, but it wasn't common to cut it, because a woman's hair is her crowning glory. But if it was a special event, hair could be worn down and pinned back or partially up. There was no hard-and-fast rule.

4. Ah, those cloths. They were rags, used for cleaning and scrubbing, or for the monthly menstrual cycle. Since most women used what they could, or cut up old material, it wasn't obvious at a glance what those rags might be.

5. Yes, Michaela was 37, but keep in mind, life expectancy was less than 50 for most people, and women were often married and having babies at 16. Twenty years later, most women were considered past their child-bearing years. A lot of women were entering menopause before 40 during these times, and they were often grandma by 35. Seems young by today's standards, but today, we are living a lot longer. Same goes for birth control. Most women didn't have to worry about it in their 30's because they were nearing their cycle's end by then.

6. Actually, corsets were more common for the higher society. Pioneer women often shucked the corsets for comfort while doing farm work and harder labor. Corsets were too constricting and often causing fainting when attempting the labor required of a farm wife. The undergarments were much more relaxed out on the prairie and in western towns.

7. Not sure why this is important, but yes. She did from time to time as needed, especially for some of the instances where she'd need reading glasses.

8. You've got it exactly right. The struggle occurred because of the passion they shared, and because they had both moved on from that physical side of things to commit to others. But they couldn't deny their attraction, and intimate scenes would remind them of that. As for being tired of all the questions regarding their relationship, I will admit it's true. I'm not sure why so many are compelled to want to know every little detail. Maybe it's the whole fictional world to reality and a living vicariously through an on-screen couple they love. But I try to be careful to allow them their privacy and only share what is public knowledge.

9. There's a spark about a 3rd movie, and Jane and Joe both would love to do 1 more to close out everything, a movie done they way THEY want it done without CBS execs telling them how it has to be done or the content that needs to be included. Sort of a last hurrah in the true spirit of Quinn. But, it's up to CBS.

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