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About 14-16 years ago. I was In Indonesia and finished just about all the dragon ball and DBZ saga ( all the way to the reincarnation of buu) but I remembered my brother also owned a series of dragon balls comic books that I've never seen today.... What i remembered from back then was that in the cover it says Dragon Ball II (2). I forgot if it says Dragon Ball Z II or Dragon Ball volume 2. The story and plot line was never seen by me in the movie or manga these days... I remembered that Goku and the gang ( including UUB) was fighting a professor, who had been polluted by all the rage in the world. The professor was trying to create a machine that would take all hatred, rage, and violence from the human heart and store it in his machine. something went wrong and the machine blew up and turn the professor to some kind of monster. The Monster was so strong that Bulma have to create some kind of a dimensional machine. because as long as they are still on earth, the monster will keep on getting stronger and feed on people hatred, so they have to send him to a dimension where there is no one around. I also remembered that the monster have the power to turn them against each other. Now, this what I could remember from long time ago, and I always wondered how Goku defeat him. I looked all over the place and I couldn't even find any trace of that story. please tell me if you have any information on this. Thanks.

That is definitely from a fan-made or unofficial comic. That is the only information I can provide you with.

My knowledge pertains only to the official Dragon Ball universe, and its history. That being Akira Toriyama's original manga and the animation inspired from it by Toei Animation. So sorry, I have never heard of the scenario that you speak of.

Thanks for the question.

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