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Question 1. Even though most fans agree that kid buu is the most dangerous, they can't come to terms to whom is the more powerful buu, super buu or kid buu. Can you shed some light on who is more powerful and who would win a fight.

Question 2. Is Ultimate Gohan more powerful than SSJ3 Goku

Question 3. Is SSJ3 Goku more powerful or equal to Kid Buu?

Question 4. Can Vegeta go SSJ4 without Bulma's machine?

Question 5. Can Metwo(Pokemon) beat Frieza or Nappa in a fight?

btw, can you explain a little bit with your answers too?

Ok, Thanks for answering my questions!!!

Highly controversial comparisons here on the first 3 questions, so allow me to simply answer them and then explain them all at once with a link to one of my (many) previous questions about the same thing.

1. Super Buu is without a shred of doubt in my mind more powerful than Kid Buu, and he would also win rather easily against Kid Buu.

2. Yes, Ultimate Gohan was the strongest character in all of DBZ actually if you don't count fusions or absorptions.

3. SS3 Goku is stronger than Kid Buu and could have beaten him. He stated this.

This link should explain everything you need to know:

It should cover the entire topic of character strength comparisons among these particular controversial late-in-the-series characters.

4. No he couldn't. It could be argued that if he was given a senzu bean or time to recover, he could have transformed without the machine, since he'd done it once before. I honestly don't see why he wouldn't be able to, but there is no proof to say he could, and in the series it said he couldn't. But he was tired at the time that was said.

5. This is a good one! I don't claim any real knowledge of Pokémon. Something tells me that Mewtwo isn't one to be underestimated. I highly doubt he could touch Frieza though, and I would think that Nappa, who can destroy planets as well, would be a stretch too, but I honestly know next to nothing about Mewtwo.

Thanks for the great questions, I hope I was able to help you!

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