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Hi I've got a wide arrange of questions. First I know you know a lot about dbz so can you give me an outlook on Future Trunks world and how it would have progressed what would he have done. It'd be cool to hear your opinion. So the eternal question everyone ask themselves why did Gohan or Vegeta never achieved super saiyan 3 honestly it's frustrating lol. So if you would give Goku jr a story what would it be?

Hey Alexander, thanks for the thought-provoking questions! Here we go.

It's safe to say that Future Trunks' world went on in peace and harmony after he defeated the androids and Cell. He likely lived in peace with Bulma and continued to train just for the sake of keeping his strength in case of any future threats. I would say that it's highly unlikely that Buu was ever hatched in his timeline because there would not have been sufficient warriors on Earth to supply the energy needed for his revival, meanwhile the Supreme Kai would have had a very watchful eye on the entire situation.

It's also entirely possible that Trunks eventually formed his own family with a human, though this is entirely speculation.

In Vegeta's case, it's safe to say that he just simply wasn't strong enough. Gohan however is very confusing, since in his ultimate form, he is actually stronger than SS3 Goku or SS3 Gotenks. Ultimate Gohan is somewhat of a mystery among everybody, more than that of him or Vegeta never achieving SS3. It seemed as though his Ultimate form (granted to him by the Elder Kai) transcended Super Saiyan powers all together and was basically just an all new Gohan with his absolute maximum potential. Meaning he literally couldn't get any stronger than he was at that point.

If I had to give Goku Jr. a story and was granted creative control over a new series I would take my time and think for days at a time on each individual detail. First I would take a great deal of time envisioning a new villain with his own unique story behind him, as well as lesser side-quests and warm-up villains leading up to a battle with him. I would definitely include Vegeta Jr., and likely plan for fusions between him and Goku Jr.

To be honest though, with what's currently taken place with Battle of Gods, I wouldn't expect Goku Jr. to ever have any appearance in an animated work again.

Thanks again for the great questions! Anything else at all, feel free to ask!

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