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Dragon Ball, DB Z, DB GT/How accurate is Super Vegetto = SSJ4 Goku?



In the anime comic version of DBGT: A Hero's Legacy it was quoted to say

"Merging With Vegeta!
After Goku and Vegeta use a merging item to merge, they become Vegetto! They can furthermore become a Super Saiyan, making them Super Vegetto! After the two strongest people merge, they become the greatest master in the universe! Perhaps even stronger than Super Saiyan 4!"

1. How accurate is that statement from the anime comic? People at Kanzenshuu seem to be jumping on board with that statement.

2. If it is accurate, then would you agree with this list?

1. SSJ4 Gogeta (GT)
2. Omega Shenron (GT)
3. SSJ3 Vegetto (DBZ) / SSJ4 Goku Surpassed limits (GT)
4. SSJ2 Vegetto (DBZ) / SSJ4 Goku & Vegeta during Dragon Arc (GT)
5. Super 17 (GT)
6. Super Vegetto (DBZ) = SSJ4 Goku Full Power

3. Where would you place Whis and Birus on that list?

ANSWER:  I'll be honest. I've not read the comic you're referring to, so I can't say how accurate I find the dialogue in it or how reputable the author (and thus the information) is.

If the statement is accurate though, I would truthfully put Ssj2 Vegetto above every character on that list apart from Ssj4 Gogeta and Ii Shinlon (post Dragonballs), because there's no real situation between the Bebi arc and the Seven Dragons arc for Goku to have become stronger really (at no point was he close enough to death to have received a Zenkai, and even those became obsolete as a whole after the Cell Saga).

Likewise, as I mentioned in an earlier answer, the gap between Ssj4 Goku normally and after he surpassed his limits is surprisingly low, only the combined total of the ki of Gohan and the others. It'd need to essentially double Goku's strength for him to be equal to Ssj2 Vegetto, and there's no real way that the ki they donated would be able to boost his strength that greatly.

Ii Shinlon I would have as being superior to Ssj2 Vegetto, but probably not by such a staggering degree that he'd be beating him around like crazy. I feel he'd have the advantage in strength and speed, but it'd be like Goku when he fought Cell, where it was still generally an even match up.

In turn, Ssj3 Vegetto would probably be in the same range as Ssj4 Gogeta, though would potentially burn himself out quickly as opposed to Gogeta, since Ssj3 is a considerable strain on the body as opposed to Ssj4.

Beers was established as using only about 70% of his full strength when fighting Ssj God Goku, who, given statements made on the character/form, is more powerful than Ssj4 Goku. This would put Beers as potentially Ii Shinlon tier or higher (since we just don't know how much more powerful Ssj God is over Ssj4), and Whis would be even higher than Beers.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Akira Toriyama personally said;

Whis 15
Birus 10
SSJG Goku 6

SSJG Goku is more powerful than SSJ4 Goku, then Birus is almost twice as strong meaning Birus at 100% should be around Syn Shenron, that means Whis could be around Omega and Gogeta.

I think God is more powerful than SSJ4 because SSJ4 is said to be around Super Vegetto and Birus is above Super Vegetto.

How about this list?

1. Whis (DBZ)
1. SSJ4 Gogeta
1. SSJ3 Vegetto (DBZ)

2. Omega Shenron

3. SSJ4 Goku - Surpassed limits
4. Birus at 100% (DBZ)
4. Syn Shenron

5. SSJ2 Vegetto
6. SSJG Goku at 100%

I disagree with that list. Given what we see and what information we're given, I would put it more like.

1) Whis/Ssj4 Gogeta/Ssj3 Vegetto

2) Beers/Ii Shinlon (w/Dragonballs)

3) Ssj2 Vegetto

4) Ssj God Goku

5) Ssj4 Goku Beyond limits (Ssj God Goku is established as being the strongest form of Goku, period, and that would include his limits being surpassed)

6) Ii Shinlon

7) Ssj Vegetto

8) Ssj4 Goku

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