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Dragon Ball, DB Z, DB GT/How do we determine the difference between SSJ4 Gogeta and Omega Shenron?



As shown in the anime series GT, SSJ4 Gogeta totally dominated him by;

1. punching him 3 times without him seeing any of the punches
2. taking on omega's ki blast without taking any damage = joked around
3. kicked omega's most powerful blast with a single kick

1. syn shenron [from omega shenron] (all other dragons turned back to stone) survived gogeta's big bang kamehameha

2. well gogeta didn't seem worried, he did say for sure the next blast will send him to the next world.

Q: With the knowledge we have, is the scene showing shenron surviving SSJ4 Gogeta's finishing move a contradiction to SSJ4 Gogeta's power?

I mean throughout most of the fight Gogeta's speed and power seems that he maybe many times more powerful than Omega.

So what do you think is the gap between them?

ANSWER:  Though Gogeta did seem impressed that Ii was capable of surviving the Big Bang Kamehameha, his reaction to it suggests that he felt there wasn't anything different in regards to their gap in power, which was significant.

I would put the gap between Gogeta and Ii at least the same difference between Ssj2 Gohan and Perfect Cell (prior to Cell self-destructing and subsequently growing stronger). Both Gogeta and Gohan were clearly superior, dodging or tanking any of their opponents' attacks without showing any sign of concern. Even Ii and Cell's strongest attacks were casually diverted, and in one swift attack, a large bulk of power was literally knocked out of them.

Even though the Big Bang Kamehameha can be taken as Gogeta's finisher, one does need to take into account that at no point did he say he was going to put his full strength into the attack. Now if he had and Ii had survived, then I would wonder about the difference in their power, but given that it's very likely that he only used a portion of his full strength (given his performance up to that point it'd hardly be surprising), I would still keep the gap in their strength as being quite large.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: I understand why you choose Gohan, but Gohan never kicked Cells kamehameha with a single punch or kick, if memory serves me correct - Gohan launched his own kamehameha in which it destroyed Cells with ease (he wasn't even trying).

I think the power gap between SSJ2 Teen Gohan and Perfect Cell would be somewhere around 50% in favor of Gohan. Would you agree? It wasn't until Super Perfect Cell (Self Destruct) the gap was closer - 88% to 90% of SSJ2 Gohan.

Anyway back to original topic, would Gogeta being twice as strong Omega accurate? Or is that too much of a gap?

While this is true, I feel that as little effort as Gohan put into the attack, that it's a fair assessment of his strength that he could have just kicked or punched it away as opposed to firing off the Kamehameha.

Using the formula known for Ssj to Ssj2, Ssj2 Gohan wouldn't be twice as strong as Perfect Cell, and is likely only about 25-30% stronger or so. Ssj2 is twice that of Ssj, and since Perfect Cell was stronger than Ssj Gohan but weaker than Ssj2 Gohan, that'd put him somewhere in the middle.

There's no way of knowing for certain the gap between the two, since, as said, there's nothing to indicate that Gogeta was putting out his full strength.  

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