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Dragon Ball, DB Z, DB GT/What are your thoughts on these power rankings these people have listed?



Your thoughts on these power lists please;

1. What are your top tiers fighters in Z & BoG (Basically anything with Akira Toriyama Involvement)

2. Ranking the Top Tiers.

3. RandomGuy96's Power Level List

ANSWER: 1) Just about everything seems accurate with the lists that the poster made, though it's hard to tell where Whis, Beers, and Ssj God Goku would be in relation to any transformed states for Vegetto above regular Super Saiya-jin. For the very first list given though, I will say there are two points where the positions can be switched back and forth given the information we know.

He has Piccolo Buu below South Kaioushin Buu, when in truth all we know is that both forms are weaker than Gotenks Buu but stronger than normal Evil (Super) Buu. As such, one could say that Kaioushin Buu is stronger or weaker than Piccolo Buu and technically not be wrong, since there are no feats from either individual to give us an assessment of their strength.

Second is that he has Evil (Super) Buu as being weaker than Ssj3 Gotenks. Now while I see where he came to that conclusion, since we see Gotenks seemingly on the verge of destroying him before he fell out of Super Saiya-jin 3 due to the power drain, we learn later during his fight with Gohan that Evil Buu had sensed him while he (Gohan) was on Kaioushin-kai, and essentially didn't go all out against Gotenks in order to keep himself busy until Gohan arrived. Whether this puts Buu higher than Gotenks or simply even more on equal footing than their battle led us to believe is uncertain, but there's context there to have either one above the other and not "technically" be inaccurate.

2) There are some issues I have with krump's list, for I feel that Ssj God Goku is above Ssj4 Goku, and that Whis and Beers are both above Ii Shinlon (with all seven Dragonballs absorbed) in terms of power. Other than that, as a whole the list I can't say is inaccurate, mainly because so many of the people he has in the list we can only hypothetically guess as to how strong they are.

3) Looking through his lists I see a few things I'm in disagreement with. For one, he has Goten and Trunks in the Buu Saga to be significantly weaker than their fathers as well as Gohan, when the Daizenshuu establishes that Goten is essentially every bit as powerful as Gohan is, and the manga itself indicating that Goten and Gohan are so close in terms of strength that Goten was soon to pass him in terms of strength if he didn't start training soon.

During the Cell Saga (particular the Cell Games part), he has Goku's base considerably below Gohan's, and while obviously Gohan is stronger than his father at that point in the story, given that everyone outside of Goku couldn't believe that Gohan was stronger, I don't feel the gap was anywhere near that large. If it were, then obviously it would have been noticed.

There are few other things I disagree with, but as a whole it's not a terribly inaccurate list.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Great response for the previous list.

1. If we combine GT and DBZ, nobody will disagree with SSJ4 Gogeta being top tog, right? I mean TheMightyOzaru, RandomGuy96, MDSTSSJ, TheGmGoken and goku the krump dancer all of them have SSJ4 Gogeta in their #1 spot for obvious reasons. But in DBZ, RandomGuy96 and helV all put SSJ3 Gogeta below Base Vegetto.

I understand from a mathematics stand point in Z Gogeta should be nothing special without any extra fusion boost, but the problem is they have no problem with putting SSJ4 Gogeta above Whis, Birus and SSJ3 Vegetto from Z.

I have theory on why Vegetto is considered to be around SSJ4 Goku power level (if this is true).

Let's say the potara earrings doesn't restrict Goku's and Vegeta's power, and it uses multiplication like the guide says. But since both Goku and Vegeta have multipliers, the potara earrings will multiplier Vegetto SSJ1 stage both multiplying both Goku's and Vegeta's x50. So the result for Vegetto turning into SSJ1 is x100 from base.

What do you think? Any real holes in the idea?

I don't agree with the difference between the two being anywhere near that high. Myself and several others adhere to more of a "stronger in the same state" situation, but nowhere near that high of a gap. Base Vegetto is stronger than base Gogeta, Ssj Vegetto is stronger than Ssj Gogeta, etc, but I've never felt that the gap between the two was so large that Ssj Gogeta is below base Vegetto or anything like that.

Likewise I don't feel that the fusion changes things that drastically. I feel that, besides drawing on the pool of abilities both fighters have and their combat experience, the fusion gains as much as it does from just combining the two fighters with whatever multiplier it has. Vegetto is vastly more powerful than Goku or Vegeta because it's multiplying their base battle powers together to reach the new base for them. I don't feel that it's combining their Ssj multipliers together or anything fantastic like that, otherwise his Ssj3 form would be 800 times stronger than his base, which is pretty much unfathomable.

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