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Dragon Ball, DB Z, DB GT/If Vegeta ssj2 level is exactly the same as Goku's, what about his base?


Hi there Darkprince410,

In the boo saga arc, vegeta got a boost from babadi's magic to increase his powers = pre majin vegeta ssj2 was weaker compared to goku's ssj2, but with majin power his ssj2 is exactly the same as goku's.

since we know goku's has the ssj3 transformation, does that mean goku's and vegeta's base power is almost the same even though vegeta cannot transform into ssj3?

Before receiving the Ma-jin charm from Babi-di, Vegeta's battle power in his base form would have been below that of Goku'sIt wouldn't have been lower by a significant amount (in between Gohan's base and Goku's base), but it would still have been enough of a difference that Goku would have had the advantage if the two of them fought.

After receiving the charm though and having his potential unlocked, Vegeta's Ssj2 became dead even with Goku's, and since the Ssj transformations are a static increase that doesn't change from individual to individual, that would mean that the two would be equal in their base forms, their Ssj forms, and (if Vegeta attained the ability to reach it) their Ssj3 forms.

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