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1.who would be more powerful bardock or king vegeta?        2.if the z fighters would have gave goku their energy during gokus fight wth cell would he have been able to beat cell?        3.and finally how powerful is vegetas max power in gt (wthout ss4) be compared to someone in z?

1) If you consider the anime special as canon, then Bardock's battle power towards the end of his life was around 10,000, and while we don't know exactly what King Vegeta's battle power was, we know it was well below 18,000, since Vegeta told Freeza that he was stronger than his dad when he was a child (and the lowest known battle power for adult Vegeta was 18,000 during the Saiya-jin Saga). Assuming that Vegeta's battle power grew substantially over the years from his childhood, I would put King Vegeta's battle power lower than 10,000, so likely Bardock was stronger.

2) If it was donated to him while he was fresh, then I believe so. Super Saiya-jin 2 is twice as powerful as Super Saiya-jin, so if Gohan alone gave Goku enough ki to double his battle power (which he was capable of doing, since he was more powerful than Goku was), then he'd be able to bring Goku's power up to what would be the equivalent of Ssj2 for Goku. Given that, while more than powerful than Goku, the gap between Goku and Gohan wasn't too subtantial, I feel that the gap between Ssj2 Gohan and Goku's hypothetical battle power in this situation would be small, which would allow him to easily defeat Cell.

3) This one's hard, simply because GT's strength scaling was so off the wall, but my own personal estimates would have him at somewhere above Ssj3 Goku's Z battle power.

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