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QUESTION: 1) which form is stronger? super saiyan god or super saiyan 4?
2) do you think that adding this new tranformation will also indicate that GT as well as the last few episodes of dbz is non canon to the main story? (anime)confused already
3) since the future fighters died in 2 different ways (tv special and anime) is it possible that trunks reveals what happened in both future timelines? (we know goku dies from a heart virus in 2 timelines)

4) will that explain why in one timeline future piccolo died 1st and in the other timeline vegeta was the 1st to die?

5) would GT have been better if toriyama was hands on and introduced goku jr and vegeta jr sooner? (as the son of goten and trunks)

6) ok whenever trunks head to a different timeline it creates another one right? well tapion also used the time machine so did he unknowingly create another timeline as well?

7) how did future trunks get tapion's sword when they never met?

8) could the warriors of the 4th timeline be the ones we see in the movies?

9) does each timeline have its own afterlife/other world?

10) does future vegeta go to hell after he is killed by the androids?

11) was it frieza or zarbon that was really afraid of the saiyans? zarbon was the one that put the scenario of bardock and prince vegeta teaming up causing frieza to eliminate the saiyans. (thats how i saw it)

12) why did frieza take vegeta away from his father?

13) is it possible that bardock's team was on par with the elites?

14) were scarface and shorty real saiyans?

15) was that really onio in dodoria's flashback?

16) why couldnt goku just train his ultra saiyan form to be faster?

17) why did turles leave the saiyan army?

18) bardock's and his elites vs king vegeta and his elites (excluding prince vegeta) who wins?

ANSWER: 1. SS God is most likely stronger than SS4. I wouldn't see the point in making an entirely new form that is weaker than a previously known one.

2. Yes, I believe it will contradict GT as though it never happens. It's too early to assume that it means that Goku still never left with Uub, but I doubt that is the case. It's suppose to be canon to Toriyama's manga and I wouldn't imagine him contradicting his own work.

3. No, Trunks never exclusively detailed anything but the 1 timeline that he came from. Speculation is the only way to formulate answers as far as that is concerned because no absolute details were ever given in the anime or manga.

4. It is very possible for there to be subtle differences from one timeline to the next with very obscure possibilities being the cause.

5. Well I would say that most fans would agree that anything with Akira Toriyama working on directly would be better material than if he didn't, so yes, I would say so.

6. That is incorrect, traveling through time in DBZ has random effects on the timeline you are traveling to, it in no way creates an entirely new universe. So no, Tapion wouldn't have created a new timeline, only altered the one he traveled to since it would obviously be different if he hadn't gone to it.

7. This is a widespread question among fans, and just like time-traveling issues between Trunks and Cell, there is no official answer given from the people who made it. My theory is that Tapion and Hoi arrived like they should have, Tapion then met Trunks and gave him his sword, and killed himself before Hirudegarn could be released from inside him. It must be the case, since there would have been nobody capable of beating Hirudegarn in that time. That is of course assuming that Trunks ever did get a sword from Tapion in the future, which he didn't. Toriyama drew Trunks with a random sword, and there is no official source for where it came from.

8. Yes that is very possible, however upon animating the movies I surely doubt that Toei was thinking along the lines that the characters they were making were from such dimensions. The movies were made just for fun and really have nothing to do with DBZ except for the fact that they have Dragon Ball Z in the title as well as characters from it. (Battle of Gods will be an exception to that).

9. Yes, they would.

10. No official answer here, but I would easily assume that he went to Hell, since he went to Hell in the present even after fighting for good against Cell and Buu.

11. They shared their fear of the Saiyans, but Frieza's definitely existed. He destroyed Planet Vegeta out of his own fear, not only because of Zarbon. During the Frieza Saga, he even noted how important it was to himself to be sure and kill every remaining Saiyan on Namek.

12. There are a couple reasons. He wanted Vegeta to be his servant since he was powerful. That would be one reason. To avoid camaraderie among the Saiyans by stealing their prince, and also to just be cruel.

13. Yes, they were in fact.

14. Yes, they were as real as Garlic Jr. I suppose. Not in the manga, but canon to the anime.

15. There is absolutely no evidence to suggest that it was. He only looked similar.

16. He saw no way of being fast at that huge size, which makes sense. No matter how fast he could have possibly become in that form, he could simply regress to normal SS1 and be faster, because he would have been smaller, and speed as he saw it, was essential.

17. Probably because they were obliterated by Frieza.

18. Considering that King Vegeta was literally the King of the Saiyan race, he had no need for a group of elites like Bardock did. He commanded every Saiyan alive, so my money would be on King Vegeta. (Not to mention the group that he brought with him to attempt to fight Frieza with easily outnumbered Bardock's group in case you were considering that group).

Thanks for the great questions! Anything else just let me know. :)

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: 1) wouldn't super saiyan 4 come after super saiyan god since GT takes place after Z?

2)i wasnt considering the group that was with king vegeta on frieza's ship but the other group that was with him while they conquered planets. i forget who flashback but it was 4 unknown soldiers behind a shield.

3) being the king of all saiyan wont really mean hes stronger than bardock right? i mean vegeta was stronger than him (king vegeta) and he was only a child

btw thanks for answering my questions i never thought of it that way

1. Yes it would, but SS4 is still something that has already happened, and if SS God contradicts GT as though it never happened, I don't see why they would make SS God weaker than the previously known post-SS3 form which was SS4.

2. There was never any statement that the group with King Vegeta was a consistent one. He could have brought dozens of random armies with him when he went out on conquests. Plus, even if it was, there is no accurate way to measure their strength compared to Bardock's crew. For me, the logical educated guess is that King Vegeta would have had the advantage since he had the entire Saiyan army to choose from for the battle.

3. No it wouldn't, in fact Bardock was almost certainly stronger than King Vegeta if you want to compare just the two of them.

Thanks again!  

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