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1)if future gohan was to fuse with present gohan how much stronger would he be?(compare)

2) would it even make a difference seeing how they're one in the same?

3) how much stronger is king vegeta compared to bardock?

4) although it was a spin-off what happened to bardock's ability to see into the future during episode of bardock?

5) how come the bad get to keep their bodies in HFIL i thought that was against afterlife rules

6) who would you say is the strongest future goku or future gohan?

1. He would be formidable, possibly Buu level strength, depending on how strong present Gohan is at the time.

2. It's still two bodies joining into one, so their strength should skyrocket like the other fusions I would assume.

3. Bardock should be slightly stronger at his very best. His power level is around 10,000, and like you mentioned before, Vegeta surpassed King Vegeta as a child. When fighting Goku his first time as an adult, Vegeta was still under 20,000, so I would estimate King Vegeta's strength to be 10,000 or lower. The doctors in the Bardock special estimated that Bardock would be as strong as King Vegeta soon if he continued to fight, however. So if King Vegeta is stronger, it's by a very slight amount.

4. It just disappeared. Probably because he'd already seen as far as he could, or because he only needed to see as far forward as the death of Frieza.

5. It is, and they don't get to keep their bodies. It's simply a mistake seen in filler episodes. (Not that movies are dependable, but in Movie 12, after Janemba was defeated, Vegeta turned back into a little cloud guy. That's exactly what it should be like for all villains in Hell.)

6. Probably Gohan since he lived longer as a Super Saiyan, therefore he had more time to master the form and improve by fighting the Androids.

Thanks again for the great questions!! Anything else just ask! :)

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