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QUESTION: Hi there my names Marcellus and I am the biggest DBZ fanatic that I know personally I've watched every single movie I and tv special I could get my hands on and I am just wondering if you could please let me know where I can watch/read some the mangas and specials you've seen I can't live my life without knowing every single peice of dragonball information. The Internet only goes so far I know I'm gonna have to buy some material but however you can help me I would appreciate it greatly. You will be patching a hole in my childhood life I will be ever greatful for it.

ANSWER: ebay.com has consistently been my favorite place for finding things. If you want to physically own the manga I would recommend ebay. Simply search "Dragon Ball Manga". Here are a few results I found right off the bat:



Those two would get you the complete DB and DBZ Tankōbon manga. It's been years so I can't remember for sure how much I spent but it was approximately the same I think. It's not now or never either, keep an eye out and somebody new will always upload them again it seems like, so go ahead and save money if you need to. Any Dragon Boxes or other DVD's are easily found on ebay as well. As far as retail stores, I would say Best Buy is usually the best for having anime DVD's.

If buying them for those prices isn't an option this site seems to have the manga uploaded decently:


I personally HATE reading comics on a screen though.

Thanks for the great question! Anything else in specific you'd want to find I'd be glad to help you find.

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QUESTION: Thank you for the timelines of your answer. I really appreciate it now I have another question, is the fuzen holy saga available online and if not is the DVD Japanese w/subs is there an English dub available?

Fuzen Goku/Holy Saga is a fan-made story and there is no official release by Toei Animation. Finding a place to actually buy this would be impossible since there shouldn't be any public release for fan-made material. Online would be the only option if you wanted to read a fan-made comic. My knowledge only pertains to the official Dragon Ball franchise, so I wouldn't know right off hand where to find the Fuzen saga stuff.

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