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Dragon Ball Z: Battle Of The Gods ~ New Trailer 4

1. In 0.26secs it looks like Mystic Gohan, but in the first trailer we Gohan transforming into a SSJ1 or SSJ2. I say SSJ2 because every villain after Cell is stronger or at least SSJ2 level. SSJ1 level would be too weak.

How do you think Akira would explain this?

2. We saw a still picture from VJump that Bills only used one finger to stop SSJ3 Goku. But in the 4 trailers we see Goku that looks like in SSJ2 form fighting Bills.

Unless Bills is totally toying with SSJ2 Goku, there is no way SSJ2 Goku can dodge Bills attacks as seen in the trailer.

3. We saw Gotenks get owned by Bills and every other Z fighter gets owned. So why didn't Goku in this case ask Vegeta to fuse to create Gogeta? Why would Goku risk fighting Bills all by himself knowing SSJ3 is not enough? The only way Goku would risk this if early in the picture someone told Goku his the legend of SSJG.

1. He simply hasn't started fighting yet. Neither Goten or Trunks were Super Saiyan yet either. Gohan perhaps wasn't serious yet either later in the trailer when fighting with black hair.

2. I would say it's similar to the fight with Kid Buu where Goku started off as SS2 and neither fighter was being 100% all out serious yet.

3. Well there are rumors that Gogeta will make an appearance, as a Super Saiyan 3 in fact. The trailer can't show us everything, we'll have to wait and see. But yes I agree, fusing to create Gogeta would be a perfectly logical scenario for the movie. Especially if we see Gotenks already.

Thanks for the great questions!!

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