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How would Vegeta's SSJ2 GT Power Level rank about equal with Goku's SSJ3 Z Power Level?

I put Vegeta's Ssj2 battle power above Goku's Ssj3 Z battle power primarily because Toei exaggerated the strength of the characters in GT (Goku and Vegeta in particular) by a staggering degree.

General Rild, in his first form, was said to be more powerful than Ma-jin Buu, and while the specific form of Buu isn't said, it can be inferred that he's at least more powerful than Mr. Buu, who is easily Super Saiya-jin 2 tier strength. Goku was able to fight this form of Rild in his base form, and only transformed into a Super Saiya-jin for the sake of Rild's 2nd form. This would put Ssj Goku in GT as higher than his Ssj3 form in Z, and while I believe that Goku was stronger than Vegeta even throughout GT, I don't believe it was to a staggering degree that Vegeta's Ssj2 battle power wasn't equal or above Goku's Ssj battle power.

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