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1. do you think its a good idea to have goku reach god status? and how do think goku would reach that level? what do you think would trigger him to transform? something like the 1st ssj transformation?
2. how powerful do you think the ssg level is compared to every other levels?
3. besides the 2 main villains, what other bad characters do you think would be in the movie? because in the 1st trailer we saw gotenks.
4. on a global stage, how powerful would super saiyan god level would be or do you think would be?

1) Personally I don't, since I'm not a fan of a deus ex machina when it comes to stories. That we have this brand new form of Super Saiya-jin that's NEVER been seen or heard of before by any individual outside of these just miraculously appear when it's needed is something I've never cared for. I didn't care for Super Saiya-jin 3 in the Buu Saga for the same reason, because it just pretty much suddenly appears. As for how he triggers it, I would say that it'd probably be a significant and jarring event, though there might be Kaioushin influence involved.

2) Easily stronger than Super Saiya-jin 3, and I would assume higher than Super Saiya-jin 4.

3) I only believe it will be Bils and Wiis, since what we've seen and heard so far about the movie suggests that everyone attempts to fight Bils but loses (including Gohan and Mr. Buu) so I feel that we see Gotenks because Goten and Trunks fused to try and fight him too, but likely failed.

4) I have no idea just how powerful it'll be (for all we know, strength may not even be a factor for him, just pure omnipotence for a brief period), but if it is just a matter of strength, then he's far stronger than Vegetto, since Bils is said to be stronger than any other character in Z, and his god form would need to be stronger than Bils to defeat him.

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