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I am looking to sell my DBZ tapes. I have no real idea of what they are valued at. I just started looking online and it seems some tapes are more valuable than others. Not sure if I should sell them individually or as a group. I don't have any complete sets that I know of. I have 45 total. That's 15 in boxes (three still have the plastic sheet on them) and 30 without cases. I also have 2 G/T tapes.
I guess my question is-- Are they even worth trying to sell and how should I sell them --to who?--and what should I charge them?
Thank you!! Have a great day!!

Directly to the point, if you have some patience you should be able to get an absolute minimum of $40 to $50, probably more. The only place I've really done any business with buying DBZ stuff, including tons of DBZ VHS tapes is on ebay. I've spent $400 at once on just DBZ VHS, (for the entire series) so you should be able to ask for a decent price for 45 which is a decently large amount. It all comes down to whether or not the right collector comes across the auction, obviously. When I was in need of certain specific tapes, I would have bought an entire lot just for one that I needed. It all comes down to chance though and finding the right buyer.

Here's some examples of how much the prices can vary:

As you can see, it's pretty much up to you how much you want to ask for on ebay, just try and sell for what you think is fair, and for what you are willing to let them go for. If it was me and I wanted to sell them, I would put them up on ebay for a Buy it now of $80 and give the option of Best Offer, (where someone can offer less than the buy it now price and then it's up to you to accept it). That's what I know from my experience in dealing with DBZ VHS tapes.

Best of luck and thanks for the great question!!

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