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First of, thank you in advance for awnsering my question to your abillity.

When Kami and Piccolo became one being again, the nameless namekian, why was it that Piccolo (Piccolo Damao jr. + Kami) didnt recreate the dragonballs? He has the ability to do so and the wisdom aswel seeing the blackstar dragonballs and the wisdom of Kami.

I mean Piccolo is stronger then Dende and the Dragon's power, if im correct comes from the physical and spiritual power (ki) from its creator.

No problem, thank you for the question!

I too have wondered about this before, however, it's explained through a few things heard on Namek, such as when Warrior-class Namekians are mentioned, (Nail being one of them) as well as dragon-clan type Namekians, which Dende is mentioned to be by Moori.

This is not provable, but before Kami split, he may not have been able to create Dragonballs, and only gained the knowledge after ridding himself of evil. (I myself would question this because Guru was unsurprised to hear there were Dragonballs on Earth once he knew Kami was there, and this was before he knew they split).

However, after he split, the evil half, Piccolo, was entirely warrior class, and continued to be so through his son, and all the way up until the Android Saga when they refused. Therefore, upon reuniting, even though he was once again the same Super Namekian, he was vastly different. For the most part, he was a warrior class Namekian by a vast majority.

Furthermore, since it actually is left pretty much un-explained, here's a quote from one of my previous answers to this same question:

"When Kami made the Dragon Balls, at first he didn't know what he had done. As he said, it just happened, and it turned out that he made Dragon Balls. It was never seen how Kami or Guru actually produced the Dragon Balls. Toriyama never gave an explanation to why Piccolo didn't "know" how to make Dragon Balls, or revive the ones that already existed like Dende did. It's just another one of those things that was never explained, and Toriyama expects us to simply accept it."

Thanks for the great question!  

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