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First off, I really appreciate what you do. I love understanding this series as best as I can because it is what I grew up with and continue to love.

My question deals with the Buu saga(particularly when he was first released). Vegeta sacrificed himself by exploding and trying to take Buu along with him. Buu survived but Vegeta had died at that point.
Now my question has to do with a couple episodes afterwards, when Bulma and Yamcha summon the dragon in order to revive those who were killed by Vegeta at the World Martial Arts Tournament.
Yamcha is the one who spoke with the dragon. Now his exact words were "Bring back to life everyone who died today...except for the really really bad ones". Assuming Vegeta is not considered "really really bad" (at least not at that point in time), why was he not brought back to life from that wish? The wish occurred after his death.

Thank you greatly! I appreciate it.

There are two reasons. One is a fact, and the other is just a possibility.

Shenron had already revived Vegeta. It was when Popo made the wish to revive Frieza's victims. Vegeta was revived along with many Namekians (except Krillin because he'd been revived before). When Dende re-made Shenron, it was noted that they forgot to tell him to make it so that Shenron could revive people more than once. Which is why Krillin was fearful of going to the Cell Games. So that original flaw that Kami made, remained. (If you want to call it a flaw). Vegeta was then later revived by Porunga whom as you surely know, can revive the same person more than once. For example, Krillin and Chiaotzu after the defeat of Frieza.

Secondly, even if Shenron could revive the same person more than once, it may have been possible that he hadn't truly earned the title of a "good guy" yet, or whatever you want to call it. Since after all, he still went to Hell. It's possible he didn't fully redeem himself until after his intentions had completely changed from selfish desires to wanting to save the Earth (a second time). It's quite possible that his actions during the Kid Buu fight were the direct cause of his being revived. That's sort of how it felt while watching the show and seeing him revived and being surprised about it.

Thanks for the great question!

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