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Hi DarkPrince.I would like to ask a few questions.Firstly How strong do you think Whis is and who will in a fight between whis and ssj4 gogeta.Thanks.

Hmmm, that's very hard to say. We know that Whis is stronger than Bills, who in turn is said to be more powerful than anyone that's existed before in Z (or at least villains). This puts him above Gohan Buu, and potentially above Ssj Vegetto as well. Whis then is then obviously above Gohan Buu by a fair bit, and above Ssj Vegetto as well.

The power scaling in GT was always very skewed, with evidence of base form Goku being stronger than his Ssj3 battle power in Z. As such, with this scaling, and as exponentially powerful as Ssj4 Gogeta seems to be over Goku, it's likely that Gogeta's near absurd level of strength would put him above Whis.  

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Primarily I can answer questions regarding Dragonball, Z, and the respective films and specials, though I do have knowledge of GT and its television special as well.


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