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Is this a real deal show or is it fake? I have heard so many people say it's real and others say it is fake (dragon ball AF)

Dragon Ball AF is definitely not a real series. First off, I can guarantee you that what I tell you is absolute factual truth. AF is indeed a very obscure topic in the world of Dragon Ball, with many different rumors. I'm sure a vast majority of fans still don't have a full understanding of it, therefore not knowing if it's real or not is a common situation for a ton of people.

There actually was an official announcement of a 4th series after the end of GT. Even showing Super Saiyan 5 Goku with the name of the new series clearly saying "Dragon Ball AF".

The date of this announcement was April 1st, 1997. That's all AF was. An April Fools prank. (AF). This however lead to MASSIVE amounts of rumors and of course, fan-made work.

While there is no official AF series, there is a fan-made comic series named Dragon Ball AF, created by an artist known as Toyble. He is actually a very skilled artist and his AF manga looks like the real thing.

I can give you a brief summary of the beginning plot line, assuming you still care now that you know it's not official.

It starts with the appearance of Goku's evil third son named Xicor. Xicor's mother is the female Grand Kai whom Kid Buu was thought to have killed millions of years ago, and she has since sought to have an all-powerful offspring. It is then explained that she was also Frieza's mother, which is why immediately after Frieza fell to Goku, she seduced Goku in his dreams (so as to not create the contradiction of Goku committing adultery, which he would never do) while he was on planet Yardrat before he came back to Earth from Namek.

Xicor is extremely powerful and is Super Saiyan 5, displaying the ability to defeat SS4 Gohan and SS4 Vegeta with ease.

This AF manga actually continues for a long time, developing a quite complex storyline. I read it a few years back out of curiosity and to this day I have no real interest in it personally. However if you're interested in it, I'm sure I could find some links for you if you'd want, though once you know what you're looking for, (Toyble/AF Manga/etc.) it shouldn't be too hard to find. I'm almost positive some episode streaming sites had images of the whole AF manga, like

So yeah, that should be everything you need to know about Dragon Ball AF! Thanks for the great question!!

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