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So I couldn't find any answers or even conversations pertaining to this online, but: wouldn't there technically be two "Nameless Namekians"?

The way I see it, King Piccolo and the Piccolo (Jr.) that we know in dbz are two entirely different people, in every sense including power level, personality, motivation, etc.

That would mean the original Nameless Namekian (Kami+King Piccolo) from before he originally split sometime before dbz would be an entirely different character/person from the one formed when Piccolo fused with Kami in the Android/Cell saga. any thoughts or information to clear this up? Thanks in advance.

We're delving into the realm of theories, and as such there can be no empirical discourse on the issue at hand. So yes, it is technically possible, for whatever Namekian-based biological reasons that we don't know of, for there to be literally "different" characters even though they come from the same source.

Although this is my understanding of the entire Kami and Piccolo situation. You can basically ignore the fact that they ever split in the first place. They are all the same being. In the very beginning, before DB, and before they ever split at all, Kami was the exact same person that he would end up being once again when the two fuse back together in the Android Saga. The changes are arbitrary and a product of time.

Though Piccolo and Kami are technically the same person, they do in fact have different personalities because that was the purpose of the split in the first place. It was Kami releasing all of the latent evil within him into King Piccolo.

When King Piccolo was bested by Kid Goku and reproduced himself as Piccolo Jr., the one everybody knows and loves, there were no changes in personality or motivation. Only in power, and that was due directly to his three years of training. In the final saga of Dragon Ball, Piccolo Jr. outright proclaims that he is King Piccolo returned, and when he speaks to Goku, Goku can see the older version speaking through the new. So there was no change or out and out "new character". He was an exact copy, or a clone.

This new Piccolo went through changes of course, just like normal people and most other characters in the series. So when he fused with Kami once again, it wasn't a new person that somehow differed from the version that existed long ago before they ever separated at all, rather he was "new" in the sense that he had changed over time and overcome all of his evil tendencies, making him pure of heart. Vegeta did the exact same thing, except there was no fusing involved. So there's no logical reason, as far as I can tell, to say that he became a second "Nameless Namekian". He's simply changed a great deal over time. Even though Kami was the one who made the original decision to split, and Piccolo was merely the evil residing within him, and when the time came for them to fuse again, Kami allowed Piccolo to be in charge of the body and mind, it's still not a new person. It's just a re-hashed version of the same material, with a new personality that evolved on it's own.

You may be wondering about Nail, but he doesn't make things as complicated as one might think. When Piccolo and Nail originally fused, just like Kami, Nail allowed Piccolo to be the one in control. Reducing Nail to a mere power boost and forfeiting all of his memories and knowledge to Piccolo.

So, yes as you can see it's very complicated, and from all of that, you may yet extrapolate your interpretation, which was a new character. As I said, there is no empirical answer. Neither the Daizenshuu or the manga itself dove deep enough into the topic to give us an answer.

Thanks for the great question!

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