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I just wanted to know what you think was the best mommemt in either DBZ,GT OR DRANGON BALL.
Also what do you know about the character wis from dragon ball z battle of the gods movie?

Well as I'm sure you know there are plenty of truly amazing and legendary moments in the franchise.


This may come as a shock, but as far as Dragon Ball, one of my favorite moments was when Goku was matched up against Giran in the first Tournament of the series, and when the match began they just stared at each other and it started raining. The rain made the crowd flee and after a few minutes the announcer said that the match was postponed but Goku and Giran just continued to stare at each other in the rain with lightning in the background even though they both heard him. That truly sent chills down the spine.

The other two moments that are very similar to each other that I think I like just a little more than the last one with Giran are when Goku returned more powerful from climbing Korin's tower and became stronger than Mercenary Tao just 3 days after Tao nearly killed him. Perhaps even better and if I was forced to pick a favorite, it would probably be when Goku returned to King Piccolo after drinking the Ultra Sacred Water after King Piccolo had recently obliterated him like an insect. King Piccolo had taken over the world and regained his youth becoming even stronger than when he stomped on Goku. When Goku came back even stronger it was a truly legendary moment in the entire franchise history.


DBZ is more simplistic than Dragon Ball, since basically everybody knows about the main moments that immortalize the series. The big two obviously being when Goku turned Super Saiyan after Frieza killed Krillin, and when Gohan turned SS2 after Cell killed #16. Obviously there are literally more than dozens of honorable mentions that I could list, but in the end I would pick Goku going Super Saiyan for the first time.


Only 64 episodes, not based on Toriyama's manga, so as everyone knows it doesn't have the same firepower as the first two series. My favorite moment would have been when Hell opened and all of the villains from the past came to Earth, and the Z-warriors had to fight them all again while Goku and Piccolo were in Hell.

My favorite among all 3 series would probably have been Goku first turning Super Saiyan. It was just a perfect scene, after all the build up talk about Super Saiyans from Vegeta, all the struggling he went through trying to keep up with Frieza knowing the universe was on the line, the pain the viewer had to have felt seeing Krillin die after watching the series up to that point and sharing it with Goku. It's unrivaled in all of entertainment history.

So far, Whis is the strongest character in Dragon Ball Z history. This is a confirmed fact from Toriyama himself as well as made obvious in Battle of Gods. Even though Goku became a God, Beerus was able to defeat him with only 70% of his power, and after the fight he reveals that Whis is his more powerful teacher. We have yet to see Whis in an actual battle, but we know that he is the strongest.

Thanks for the great question! It was fun to answer!  

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