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I want to know in base form and ssj form who iz stronger . goku or bardock. Plz explain it .

Goku is all around stronger in his base form for sure. When Bardock was killed by Frieza he was weaker than Dodoria. We know this for sure since he hadn't had the chance to fully heal after Dodoria defeated him on Planet Meat. Had he healed there is still virtually no chance he would have surpassed first form Frieza or likely not even Zarbon. Before Goku even fought Frieza he was able to dominate the Ginyu Force, and by the time we reach the Android Saga or later Goku is without a doubt stronger in his base form than Bardock was.

Now if we consider the Episode of Bardock to be canon, which it isn't, there is no way to accurately gauge his power as a Super Saiyan against Goku as a Super Saiyan. No official power levels have been released from Bardock to compare to SS1 Goku's Daizenshuu confirmed power of 150 million. After the Frieza saga Goku's strength is also not accurately measurable since power levels officially stopped after the Trunks saga when Trunks' suppressed power level of 5 was shown. Though there is very little chance that Bardock was actually more powerful than Goku was when he fought Frieza. The Goku of the Cell Games and beyond is very likely to be more powerful than Super Saiyan Bardock.

So it's safe to say that Goku is overall more powerful, especially considering he reached SS2, 3 and beyond and Bardock only ever reached SS1 in a spin-off special episode that isn't even canon to the actual storyline. The real Bardock never even came close to Goku during the Ginyu Saga.

Thanks for the great question! I hope this helped :)

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