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I want to know who iz stronger gogeta  or vegito
Plz explain in details.

This is a widely discussed match up all over the internet. I can assure you there is no definitive answer, but I can also assure you that I can give you the best possible answer. I'm afraid there isn't a person on the planet who could give a factual answer, and I'll explain why.

If we count GT, Gogeta is the winner. However, this obviously isn't fair, because Goku and Vegeta never fused with the earrings when they were that powerful. So if we are to compare the two, we must assume that both fusions are occurring with Goku and Vegeta at the exact same point in time with the same power level. This is where the advantage tips greatly in Vegito's favor, albeit a mere speculative advantage. Whether we are talking about the two as they appeared in DBZ or an imaginary fight between the two as Super Saiyan 4's.

There are a few reasons for this. Firstly, Elder Kai outright said that the Potarra fusion is the perfect fusion while he mocked the Metamorese fusion dance as being the lesser, more primitive if you will method of fusion. Unfortunately Toriyama never fully clarified in the manga if that means it produces a more powerful hybrid warrior or if it's simply because it is permanent and doesn't have a time limit. So we actually are unable to verify beyond a reasonable doubt that Vegito is actually more powerful, but he doesn't have a time limit, which would give him the instant victory if the battle lasted over 30 minutes.

If we were to just ignore the time limit and compare the two as if they were free to have a true battle to the finish with no default wins for Vegito because of a time limit (which is wrong to do because the time limit exists and there's nothing Gogeta can do about it) we still couldn't do anything more than flip a coin and call it a 50/50 chance of either winning. It would be like cloning any specific character and having them fight themselves. They are both the product of the same two fighters, after all.

However, if we absolutely had to choose which one was stronger based on what we know, the logical educated guess would still have to go in Vegito's favor even without a time limit because of Elder Kai's statement about the earrings simply being a "better" method of fusion. As I've said, we don't know for sure if that means it produces a "stronger" fighter, but it certainly could be. We do know that fusion in general doesn't add the strength of one fighter to the other, it flat out multiplies the two. This is why Gotenks was able to fight Buu while Goten and Trunks working together would have still stood no chance. (Same goes for Goku and Vegeta being owned by Super Buu and then owning him as Vegito) It could be the case that the earrings amplify the hybrid's power even more effectively than the dance. However, this is mere speculation, but there is absolutely no reason to assume that the fusion dance would for some reason produce a stronger hybrid of the exact same fighters. There is reason however to say it's possible for the earrings though, so once again, the logical educated guess is Vegito, even without a time limit for Gogeta's fusion.

Also, if we go back to counting GT, which is optional, we know that Gogeta's Super Saiyan 4 fusion lasted less than the full half hour against Omega Shenron due to the incredible power output. If this handicap were to apply to our fight between Vegito and Gogeta, we could assume that in order to actually defeat Vegito, Gogeta would have to use his absolute maximum power output. As would Vegito. It wouldn't be a play fight where he didn't even have to try like his fight with Janemba and Omega Shenron, or like Vegito's fight with Super Buu. For the first time, both fighters would have to go all out, and this may or may not cause Gogeta's fusion to last less than a half hour. (I say it may not because Super Saiyan 3 didn't seem to effect Gotenks' fusion time, so it may be a situation where the stronger the two are when they fight, the less likely Gogeta is to last a half hour) And every minute that he loses only increases Vegito's chances of winning that much higher above 50%.

So my answer is Vegito.

Thanks for the great question! :)

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