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karaokechic52 wrote at 2012-10-09 17:50:29
Could it be  Curse of the cat people ? there is like an angel by a tree in back yard ...

wantstoknow wrote at 2013-03-18 17:37:25
I am trying to figure out what that movie is called too.  I remember watching it when I was a little girl.  It is a religious movie about a young girl who visits an angel in a tree and her parents do not believe her.  Eventually, everyone sees the angel at the end (if I am correct).  Was this an actual bible story?  If so, what is it called?  Where can I find it.  And what is this movie called?  It was an old movie, maybe 1950s.

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I live and breathe all things movies and am very confident that I can answer (or find the answer) any questions that may be asked. I see that this is specifically for Dramatic Movies - and I'm not sure of the rules of the site yet as I am brand new - but if allowed I would be happy to answer any questions about anything at all having to do with the category of movies! I would like to specify -- this does not include "Made for TV Movies". To me, those are just long TV shows, not real movies. I know real movies that had theatrical runs before going to DVD. I'm saying this because a lot of the questions that I get are Made for TV Movie questions and I just can't help at all because I know nothing about them and I feel bad that I can't help. If you have a question, ask away and I will get you an answer as soon as humanly possible. Recently I've received some questions regarding some obscure films from long ago and must warn that I'm discovering that those are not films that I know very well, so if you have a question regarding movies like that, you may want to ask a Classic movie Expert. I can promise that if you do choose to ask me and I don't know it, I will look as deep as I can to try and find it, but I can make no promise as to actually finding the film. I have seen many older films but when it comes to lesser known and underground type films, A LOT of them have disappeared into cinematic black holes. A nickname that my friends gave me to support my obsession with film is The Movie God and it has grown into a sort of alter-ego. I also have a MySpace page where I have recently started a new movie blog with news and info as well as a section with bunches of new trailers for people to enjoy. Feel free to visit me here


I watch hundreds of films every year. I keep track every single day of any news stories that may come out, any rumors that slip into the media, any new trailers or posters or pictures. I tend to wait anywhere from two to ten years to see any given movie to give you an idea of how closely I follow the industry. I'm an aspiring Screenwriter/Film maker, but with a long way to go in that area, I continue to concentrate on just being a massive, massive fan. I've almost gained writing positions with well-known national movie websites and plan to do just that sooner than later. I've shared e-mails with well-known actors, directors, writers -- all of whom I've absorbed knowledge from. I love to learn and share the things that I learn.

Everything that I have learned is self-taught so to say. I learn all things via observation so any movie I watch, any special feature on a DVD, anything I read, I take all of that in and learn it that way.

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