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Aidan Bremner wrote at 2014-01-14 13:52:43
Dont know if i can add a tip for caricature materials , but when i work in the street at speed i find graphite bars by Cretacolor 2b, 4b, 6 b , very efficient and i also add the small details at end with a Clutch pencil by Cretacolor with a 6B lead.I take the corners and sharp edges off the bars first by rubbing on scrap paper to prepare them for use.I use these bars mostly on their side to put down as much graphite as fast as possible with entire arm movements  and twists of the wrist.This does take practice so try free movements on a large sheet first and see how many varieties of shades and lines are possible. You can break the bars in half etc and use these for working on smaller paper A4, A 3 , etc. I hope this is useful and not against the rules, regards Aidan Bremner, Portugal  


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