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R. Ingram wrote at 2013-08-04 02:04:44
To add to the answer given, Joe Witzerman served with my father at Camp Mackall, North Carolina from Oct. 1944-1945, he was in the Airborne Command, my father was Airborne paratrooper.  Mr. Witzerman helped create/animate Tinkerbell with Marc Davis, one of Disney's "Nine Old Men", during his time at Disney in addition to his other work.  Tinkerbell appeared in 1953 in the movie Peter Pan.  Mr. Witzerman is now deceased but I too have drawings that he did for my son.

Harry Fahnestock wrote at 2014-04-16 02:04:32
Joe Witzerman was a very close friend of my family.  He was a frequent customer at our restaurant, Mr. Stox, in Anaheim, California during the late 60's and 70's.  He was part owner of the Sarver Witzerman Advertising Agency in Long Beach, CA.  They were a major agency doing work for the Chrysler Corporation and other large entities.  Joe would come to dinner at our restaurant and end up spending the entire evening drawing cartoons on our linen napkins and table cloths for our employees and customers.  At the same time he would talk like the characters he was drawing and telling great stories about Walt Disney and working with him.  Joe was one of a hand full of Disney animators that had license to sign Walt Disney's name on his work.  Joe's office was full of Disney art that Joe created - he is the real deal.  Joe created much of the artwork used in our restaurant business and in the late 70's he created the logo and motto for our present business, Western Turf, in Reno, Nevada.


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