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Hello, I'll explain the situation. I want to be a comic book artist/story writer, and I would like to write a novel. (Don't want to work for DC/Marvel,I would rather publish my own ideas) I used my computer to draw comic strips,color and everything, but now my laptop is dead, RIP.

There is this idea strong in my mind and I want to make it into a graphic novel, but since I don't have my tools I wanted to concentrate on writing a novel.(I'm sick of just thinking of idea's I want to put them into action)

My question is, would it be a good idea to write the graphic novel idea as a novel then when I have my art tools back translate it into the graphic novel I want it to be? This question is off topic, but my other question is how did you get into the publishing business?


Hi Amber,

I would imagine that a graphic novel still needs to be written as a text story, before ultimately breaking it down into individual illustrations. If I were you, I'd take the time to write your story in novel form. Be sure to have somebody help edit it, so that when you're finally ready to illustrate it the story, it will be ready to roll.

If your doing this story as a graphic novel is your dream, I think it's best done as a graphic novel, rather than a written story. Maybe there's a public computer with layout programs (such as at a Kinkos) you could use until you can buy a new one.

Best of luck,



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