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I'm sort of a noob artist in training here and I've decided on exploring the world of Copic markers. I've had experience in water colours before so I thought I'd try this. So what set of Copic markers to start out with? I don't want to get individual markers because I'd rather get something I can use in the long run.

Thank you!


Hi Elizabeth,

If you're wanting a set of Copic markers, get one that has a variety of colors in the palette range that you usually work in. Which set you buy (12,36, 72 or more) wholly depends on your budget. You could always get one of their "basic" color sets, and buy a couple of individual markers if you'd like more of a range in one particular color family.

Since you're just starting out, just buying a few single Copic markers rather than a whole set, and work with them for a while to get the "feel" of it, would be another way to go. Because Copic markers are so transparent, you can easily layer and blend colors, this makes it easy to start with a few colors and mix many in-between colors. If it turns out you don't really like them for one reason or another, you won't have sunk a lot of money into it.

The paper you work on with Copic markers is important. Any thick, smooth-finished paper will work well with these markers. Try using heavyweight laserjet paper with a high whiteness rating, or use a bristol paper/board. With Copic markers, the heavier the paper stock, the better the results. Tightly woven heavy weight paper lets you blend right on the surface, which also saves ink! Here is a web page that reviews different paper for use with Copic Markers:


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