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I'm new in the way of drawing and sketching, among other types of visual art, except for art class in junior high school. I'm obsessed with zombie books and video games and movies. How do you learn to draw? Where do I start? How do I learn from others while developing my own individual style?

I'd really appreciate any help, dude. I'm horrible! -- and I would love to improve!!!

Thanks so, so much.

All the best,

You say that you're OBSESSED and that's exactly were you want to be to improve. The difference between good artists, great artists, and phenomenal artists is linked to their KEVEL of dedication and commitment. Never lose that quality EVER! It's going to keep you focused as you practice.


Let me come right out and say this;DRAWING IS A SKILL. It can be practiced and developed through hard work at doing the activity that you initially aren't so good at. Think about sports activities line hockey, baseball or soccer. While there are, some people  who seem to have a knack for it, the vast majority acquire their skills through drills and exercises that are related to the sport. In other words, practice . Even so called, "naturals" nmust train their skills constantly to maintain them. 

I'm letting you know this so you don't get discouraged. You must develop your and eye coordination. Drawing constantly is the only way to do it.


you say you're obsessed with drawing Zombies, then look up artists who draw them, and copy their work line for line to the best of your ability. Copying is the number one method for learning how to draw. Don't worry if it doesn't look like the picture at first, keep at it. 

Another thing you can do is find back and white. Drawings, enlarge them, and trace them with tracing paper . This will help your hand eye coordination tremendously. Keep doing TGAT until little by little you get away from the tracing paper, and will just e able to copy it.


There's going to come a time when you will grow tired of copying other peoples work and will want to create your own. This is where video  and movies come in. In a sense it's difficult to imagine something you haven't seen, you have to have some raw material stored in your "memory file" to draw from. 
Watch movies for inspiration. You'll get a feel for the characters and can use them as a point of departure to create your own stuff.  I hope that maes sense to you.


Get the book, Drawing on the  right side of the brain by Betty Edwards. it s, IMO the best book on how to draw because it really does actually teach you the basics on how to draw, and gives you practical exercises, where you can actually see your skill improve.

Most beginning artists, start like you do, with a passion to draw a particular thing, like Cars, Anime, or in your case Zombies. Nothing wrong with that! In my case it was cartoon characters like Fred Flintstone, and Underdog. Even though you have an initial subject that gets you interested in drawing, don't make the mistake of parking yourself there are drawing that one thing  exclusively.  Learn the craft of drawing. If you are patient and dedicated once you learn the craft you will find it easier not only to copy other peoples drawings, but to create your own. That's ultimately what you want to do, create your own stuff. I know you can Donita. Thousands ave already, and you're going to be one ofthem.

If you want to.


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